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Old Toolkit in WF4


Old Toolkit in WF4

I havea .dat file that loads a DLL for a suite of Toolkit apps. We are currently on WF3 M210(I am not sure when the Apps were last compiled) and investigating WF4 (M090) with the plans to move to Intralink 3.4 M062 and ultimately WF9.1.

Here is my current .dat file:

name FMTVTools

startup dll

exec_file $ptc_apps_dir\PTC\FMTV_Tools\bin\FMTVTools.dll

text_dir $ptc_apps_dir\PTC\FMTV_Tools

delay_start false

allow_stop false


If I start WF4 I get an error indicating that fmtvtols.dat predates WF 4 but was not marked as using legacy encoding. If I place the following line into the .da file WF4 crashes, never start.

unicode_encoding false

In another .dat file it is working fine. Any ideas?

Patrick Perry -- BAE Systems

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