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I just loaded WF3.0 onto a Dell INSPIRON 5150 laptop to play around with it
before I load it onto my desktop. I have been running WF2.0 on it for about
18 months with out any problems. I use the option to put all
of my plot files into one directory (plot_file_dir C:\proehome\plots). This
worked fine in WF2.0. Now in WF3.0 it works if I create a hp or plt file.
When I create a pdf file it puts it in the home or working directory. I
have been through the list of options looking for something
specific to pdf files, but haven't found anything.

Has anyone else run into this problem

Dell inspiron 5150

1g memory


Thank you,

Rick Bosley

Richard D. Bosley, Jr.

Lead Mechanical Designer

Service Assurance - Broadband


15200 Omega Drive

Rockville, MD 20850-3240 USA

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