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Plot B-size on Sharp AR-M237 Printer


Plot B-size on Sharp AR-M237 Printer

I hope someone can help me with this because manually picking printer options for each print is irritating...

We have a Sharp AR-M237 printer in our office and I am trying to configure Pro/E to plot to a B-size print on this printer. I have tried writing a set of "print all" mapkeys that launch a batch file to load printer settings via printui.dll, but so far this has only worked for A size paper. No matter what I do or what order I run the commands in, Pro/E always seems to cause the printer to pick A size paper even though B size was picked.

I have also tried forcing the printer to use the B size paper and also attempted to force the software to use the Tray where the B size paper is matter what I do it goes back to A size.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I would really appreciate it.

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Have you set up a printer configuration file for this printer? That is the easiest way to get Pro/E to print consistently. There is no limit to how many .pcf files you can create and then you can use a mapkey to send a print job to that printer. This technique takes a little setup but then every print job is perfect. Here is the contents of the .pcf file I use to print B size to an HP8000:

button_name POSTB
button_help Plots B size output to HP 8000
plot_drawing_format YES default
plot_segmented NO default
plot_roll_media NO default
plot_handshake NO default
plot_label NO default
create_separate_files NO default
plot_with_panzoom YES default
rotate_plotting NO default
allow_file_naming YES
plot_name YES
interface_quality 3 default
plot_destination file_and_printer default
plotter_command windows_print_manager \\GVLEX1\GVL28124
pen_table_file G:\solid\drw_files\postscript20.pnt
plot_sheets all default
paper_size_allowed B A
paper_size B default
plot_clip NO default
plot_area NO default
!landscape_postscript_print yes default
plot_access create