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Pro/NC opinions


Pro/NC opinions


We are in the arduous process of evaluating CAM packages and we think we
have narrowed it down to two, Pro/NC Production Machining and EdgeCAM by
Pathtrace. We have many existing Pro/E models and many of these are family
table driven but none have been designed with CNC manufacturing in mind.
Obviously Pro/NC will give us the best two-way associativity with Pro/E but
EdgeCAM also claims to work with the native Granite solids so there is some
associativity there, which we have tested and it seems to work OK.

My question is more a multi-part request for opinion but here goes. Has
anyone evaluated Pro/NC against EdgeCAM and if so what were your
conclusions? Is Pro/NC for Wildfire 2.0 really that much better than
previous versions, we've heard several near-horror stories about the long
Pro/NC learning curve and implementation time? If you don't "design for
manufacture" and try to use Pro/E parts from your existing designs can you
still get significant advantages by using Pro/NC as opposed to a third
party package? Can Pro/NC be used effectively to create CNC programs using
geometry imported from AutoDesk Inventor (we have another division that
uses it)? How is PTC support for Pro/NC, we've heard it's sporadic with
not that many accessible and knowledgeable people at PTC? Does anyone
think that because Toyota has committed to Pro/E and Pro/NC that Pro/NC
will see significant improvement?

I realize everyone won't have experience with all of these aspects but any
opinions or experiences regarding any of the above would be appreciated.


Mark Dolata

CenterLine (Windsor) Ltd. - Automation Components Division

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