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RE: Daemon Down


RE: Daemon Down

I have run into the same issue. The only way I have found to get the
license server back to normal is to completely restart the main server that
is running the flexlm server. I am not sure if this is due to the new
version of flexlm or the simplified licenses but I have been able to
reproduce it multiple times. It usually occurs when you try to restart just
the flexlm server. Hopefully PTC is working on the issue. I do have a call
number open: 4213057 so feel free to reference it when speaking to PTC.

Kelli Driesenga
JR Automation Tech


Daemon Down

"The desired vendor daemon is down."

That's what Flexlm reports after trying to use a simplified license file
with Wildfire 2.0 codes. Been on the phone w/PTC tech supt for hours now
and they're out of ideas. we've tried:

- new license file cleaned up personally by License Mgt
- uninstalling/reinstalling Flexlm 8.4 from WF2
- uninstalling/reinstalling Flexlm 7.2 from WF1
- uninstalling/reinstalling Flexlm ?.? from ProE 2001

When I run ptcstatus I get the word "counted" as a single column under
the "In Use" and "Free" listings - no numbers.

They were going to suggest I upgrade my server from NT4.0 to W2K. it
shouldn't be that blunt of a solution - anybody out there run across

Thanks in advance - martinis for the house after this is over.

Terrence (Terry) McFall
CAD/CAM Administrator
Varian Medical Systems
Palo Alto, CA 94304

650-424-6039 voice
650-842-5187 fax
877-751-4685 pager