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Replace Functionality


Replace Functionality

I am beginning to wonder whether it is my recollection of things that is too
rose-tinted, but:

Assume I have an assembly comprising sub-assemblies A, B and C.
Now I replace sub-assembly A with sub-assembly D
Crucially, the only difference between A and D is the type of fasteners that
hold it together. The other parts of the two sub-assemblies are identical
(one was made by doing a 'Save A Copy' of the other). Sub-assembly A was
assembled to the top level assembly in the 'Default' position.
Sub-assembly B was assembled to sub-assembly A (it's a kind of stack thing),
but without referencing any of the fasteners.

Why, then, do I need to redefine the way sub-assembly B is assembled? It is
assembled to the same references on the same component(s), they just happen
to be in different sub-assemblies.
I seem to recall that I used to be able to replace sub-assemblies like this
without any need to redefine, as long as I was careful with the references.
Not now, though.

Am I troubled by selective nostalgia, has something changed, or do I have
something set wrong in the

WF2, M220
XP Pro
Ilink 3


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