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SFX Maker: Copy Folders?


SFX Maker: Copy Folders?

Hello Admin's.

I wanted to know who some of you are creating Self Extractor Files with
folders. I downloaded Stubbie Man SFX Maker and it only allows you to pick
files and not folders. The original SFX Maker is no longer supported and
the weblink installed a bunch of Malware and Adware on my system. I want
to avoid it if possible.

The G Man suggested this program. I used Stubbie Man's version instead.
Is there an SFX Maker out there that will allow folders and all it's
contents to be picked? Gerry Champoux if your out there. Let me know what
you think. Your the one I refer to as "The G Man". 🙂


Damián Castillo
MCAD Administrator
Pro Engineer Consultant
Hensley Industries
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