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Setting up J-Link correctly


Setting up J-Link correctly

Hi everyone,

I have been trying for a week or so (own time as this isn't sanctioned at
work) to install the Java SDK and get Pro/E's examples to run. I can't call
the help line as my company doesn't pay maintenance so I am seeking your

I have installed the J2 SDK 1.2_11, set all the PATH variables and CLASSPATH
variables and the PRO_JAVA_COMMAND variable (I wish Windows had larger text
entry boxes for these things), an the other class and jar references
according to the Install Test instructions and J-Link documentation
instructions. The only thing I can't correlate is the CLASSES.ZIP file which
is supposed to be in the <jdk loadpoint=">\lib. I find the SUN documentation
about why it isn't there confusing, and Pro/E doc specifically cites its
use. I did find a copy of the CLASSES.ZIP file and put it in the directory,
but that didn't fix everything. It reduced compilation errors from 3 to 1
(all with the asynchronous mode that PTC said wouldn't compile anyway).

When I start Pro/E in the Intall_Test directory, it recognizes the code, but
says that it failed to start. And, even though it is registered through the
protk.dat, I can't start the app manually once ProE is going.

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance....

Andy Dvorak