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Summary: 4-Axis Mill, Pivot Curve WF2.0?


Summary: 4-Axis Mill, Pivot Curve WF2.0?

Greetings everyone,

My original question is at the end of this summary.

I received the following two responses:

** Response one **

I do the same thing you do with the surface controlling the tool axis
normal to the part. The other option I use is to create an axis thru the
center of the part and the beginning of the trajectory when defining
axis control. This also works. What I find works easiest using the
turn/mill is to use 4x surface milling using surface isolines and just
pick the surfaces from the model. It's quick, easy and you don't have to
create any trajectory curves, or define axis control....

** Response two **

Are you sure it was trajectory? It possibly could have been Surface
sequence in 2001 that you were using. Surface seq allow pivot axis and
pivot curves.

** My comments **

After reading these, I went back to the help literature. Sure enough,
the portions dealing with 'pivot curve' axis control stated that it is
available during surfacing sequences. I had used the 'search' function
and overlooked the fact that it took me into the surfacing section and
not the trajectory section.

Here is the kicker: Once we had the program ready we realized that the
new machine we were programming this for did not have the G107
(Cylindrical Interpolation) option turned on. It was an oversight on
the purchase agreement. We had to do quite a bit of code massaging to
do the part with a simple C axis.

Once again, thanks for your help.


Dave Ford
CNC Programming
G.W. Lisk Co.
Clifton Springs, NY
(315) 462-4381

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