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Summary::: BPCS and PDMLink


Summary::: BPCS and PDMLink

Thanks everyone who replied to post!


Original post:
Our organization uses BPCS erp system companywide including
manufacturing division. But in R & D we use PDMLink 8.0 to manage CAD
data. Currently BOMs in BPCS are created by manually entering BOMs from
Pro/E drawings. We are exploring ways to automate this process. Is there
a plug-in/utility/3rd party program available that will export a BOM
from Pro/E into some format that BPCS can read? Has anyone done this or
something similar before?? Any feedback on this topic is greatly
appreciated. Thanks!

- Looks like there is scope for at least partial automation of process.
Still may involve manual clean-up of exported PTC data before importing
into BPCS

Excerpts from replies I received:

My last company, Ingersoll Rand Road Construction (now Volvo
Construction) in Shippensburg, PA used Pro/E and BPCS.
We wrote a bunch of utilities that would format the data from Pro/E (and
UG) for the BOM.
Don't know if they automated the import into BPCS.
We did write import to BPCS from the UG data as an experiment to see how
the data would process.
I think we used a CSV formatted file from UG.
Our IT manager wrote the BPCS import utility to parse the CSV file and
process it.

Never really went through with the concept. Could never agree on how to
handle the data in BPCS that was coming in.

If the Assembly number already existed in BPCS, update the structure
with all of the component files listed in the CSV or do further
processing to figure out what the actual changes were.
New part item coming in with an updated assembly.

The IT manager and I did it as a concept experiment.


WOW! I read your message, and I was astounded that anyone was still on
BPCS! as their MRP system!

We moved off of that 3 years ago, but I'm not for sure that what we
moved to is that much better. 🙂


In the past I have had success exporting the BOM from a Pro/E assembly
as a text file and then stripping all the junk that wasn't required for
the ERP/MRP system and then importing the new "clean" BOM text file into
the Oracle database. There was definitely some work involved, but
ultimately it was faster and less prone to input errors for the ERP/MRP


We can create a toolkit which can extract the BOM on any format required
by BPCS. So if you can get me a sample on how you want it in BPCS we can
give you a quote for that. We have done many of these for our clients.
We specialize in Toolkit applications and we were the ones that created

- We can extract BOMS based on folders in PDMLink, or based on
active model in Pro/Engineer or based on a few models in a directory or
based on certain filter conditions in PDMLink.

- Any of the above or all of the above can be handled.

- We can do this completely offsite.

- If we know the BPCS and its data or if we can get API'S then
we can even automate the process like a command "Load BOM to BPCS" and
this will runtime extract the data from Pro/Engineer/PDMLink and upload
to BPCS.

If you can let me know the exact requirements that would be great and I
can get you an affordable proposal.


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