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Summary - Mazak Integrex E1850V 5 axis Mill/Turn


Summary - Mazak Integrex E1850V 5 axis Mill/Turn

My original question:
I am starting work on some new machines we are purchasing - Mazak
Integrex E1850V 5 axis Mill/Turn. This is the largest of a family of 3.
I believe the other numbers are E1050V or 60V and E1550V. Does anyone have one of these or has worked with one. Are there any particular problem areas or things to be aware of? Any successes?

1. We have a couple of e410 Integrex (smaller horizontal version)and struggled with reliability of ISO files being executed consistently. We have had at least 4 upgrades to the machine's Mazak software to make it viable, which it now is.
We use PostHaste to post-process ... It is a VERY good & flexible
package .

2. Pretty stinkin' cool machines, the Mazak rep here in Phoenix was wanting to sell one to me. Haven't jumped yet, I'll be interested in hearing more as you go.
So, looking at the machine you're using and looking through your
website, it isn't just your run of the mill bricks and pipes machining - have you ever used any of the vibration analysis software or consultants to maximize MMR for a particular machine? Someone like Blue Swarf( Just wondering what your experience was if you had looked at something other than listening to it run.

3. We installed a Mazak Nexus 250MSY in January. It is similar to the Integrex. Are you going to use G&M Code or Mazatrol? We are using G&M code to drive our machine. Support from Mazak was not very good for G&M code. We are considering purchasing an Integrex in 2006, but we will have to get over the problems we had with the Nexus first.

4. We have the E650, 410Y and 200I, among other 3 axis mills. We got the E650 first and really struggled to get EIA programs to run on it. Our post writer would put the code in per the machinist and it still wouldn't work. The machinist only knew Mazatrol. Finally, I suggested that we get a person from Austin NC (Gpost) and a person from Mazak in here at the same time. Mazak at that time had only one person that could help. We found him after many phone calls and complaints with mazak. He knew how to set up the machine to run EIA programs, what M & G code was necessary and where it had to be. The Gpost guru helped our post writer do that. Mazak and Austin NC could not sit down together however and work because Mazak was afraid that they would be taken advantage of by Austin NC and would sell many posts from this project. Pretty sticky.
Anyway, by week's end we were running programs. As it turned out, Mazak had neglected to sell us some of the plug-ins to do multi-axis. We also discovered other things that nobody else knew about when running EIA such as you cannot run the C axis simultaneously in high-speed mode. The machine would also try to lock the B axis when doing 5-axis positional drilling. This would effect the accuracy of the hole axis alignment. We found this because we circle milled some counter bores and drilled the thru-holes and found that they were not concentric. Learned the hard way.

Interesting comments... I will let you all know how this goes here. It will be in to Q1 of next year.

Jeff Voegele
Solar Turbines

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