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Summary Wildfire3 license install


Summary Wildfire3 license install

Thanks to all who responded.

Here is the summary.

Personally I like 3 better than 2..... The biggest thing we had to deal
with is ....
Once you change a file or data base to 3... You can never go back to mod
it with 2....
Tricky with assemblies.....

new features only found in WF 3.0 and created in WF 3.0 will not editable
in WF 2.0. To open WF 3.0 created files in WF 2.0, you'll need to
download a patch/dll or something I'm not sure what they're calling it
called from PTC.

I run 2001 + WF2.0 + WF3.0. The only thing I'd note is use WF 2.0 version
M100 or more recent because the older versions do not work with the new WF
3.0 license format.
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