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Summary true type fonts


Summary true type fonts

Good afternoon,

Thanks to all who responded. Here is the summary of replies to my true
type font question.

My original question

Is anyone aware if there are true type fonts available for
use with Pro/E Wildfire 2.0? We are on build

M080. We have been using the standard font font; however,
we would prefer to use a font which includes a

serif above the numeral one, to avoid confusion. The Shannon
font looks pretty good, and appears to be the

only font which is, by default, as narrow as font. The
trouble is, it takes about 2-1/2 times as long to print.

I am told that this would not be the case with a true type
font. Thanks in advance.

Summary of replies

We use "isofont" to resolve all the 1,i,I,o,0,O ambiguity (Heinze, M.).

You may use any true type font (TTF) available to windows.
Here is how that works. Copy the TTF file you need to the
proe/loadpoint/text directory.

Do this before starting pro/e otherwise pro will not see the TTF files
you place there. Now those TTF's will be available to pro just like all
the other fonts there.

Keep in mind though some TTF font files are garbage. They may have
problems this is do to how some are created. I only had problems with
font files

that either I modified or that I got free from the web. In short what
happens is that the files may have tiny gaps or overlaps that mess with
pro (Rich, R.).

Most of the TrueType fonts we've used end up creating HUGE
PDF files. You can reduce the size a bit by tweaking the distiller
settings, but they are

still large. If your drawings are transfered to a different system, the
fonts you use may need to reside on that computer. We use a TT font that
we created

that contains a variety of IEC and other common sysmbols (recycling, UL,
USB, serial, etc) only sparingly. We also tweaked the standard font to
add a "tick"

to the number "1"and lines to the capital "I" (Slotty, E.).

There is a option. You can add a line that points
to your windows font director and the windows fonts should be available
in ProE.

The line is like: pro_font_dir C:\WINNT\Fonts\ (Davin, L.).

Pro/E WF2.0 will support any True Type Font. We've used many
different ones. You can find them online at Just copy any

want into the appropriate directory in Pro/E (Brattoli, M.). Iso font
works for us (McDaniel, V.).


Gerald Goldsmith

Arthrex, Inc.