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Toolkit Programming Resources


Toolkit Programming Resources

We are looking for someone who does toolkit programming. We have a project
that requires us to get the transformation matrix from an assembly and
output this into a text file. It also would need to make a few
determinations on if the assembly has assembly cuts and output a STEP file
if it does. We have a detailed write up of the exact requirements that we

We currently do not have in house resources to do toolkit training so we are
looking for organizations who do this and what type of costs would be
involved. I have the toolkit training manuals and documents and it looks
like this would be a pretty easy project for someone who knows toolkit well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rusty Mellmer
NMHG, Inc.
(503) 721-6005

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Guess it has been a while,it seems simple enough. Did you get this done, if not ping me, maybe I can help.


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