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Hello All,

I am merely trying to add a section on an existing datum plane in a new
assembly that I created. The following snippet of code is how I was
doing it. I was able to create the x-sec, but looking at it after the
fact (without toolkit, just Pro), it displays wrong in the assembly as
well as on a drawing. Plus if I try to alter the section Pro crashes.
Does anyone know a different approach I may take? Thanks.

ProError err;

ProError assy_err;

CString prt, prt2, prt3, prt4;

ProMdl mdl, comp1, comp2, comp3;

ProName asm_datums[3];

ProAssembly pasm;

ProSolid pcomp;

ProModelitem asm_datum;

ProSurface surf;

ProName sect;

int i_dtm;

ProXsec pxsec;


mdl = TkMdlRetrieve(m_sCompPath, prt);

comp1 = TkMdlRetrieve(m_sCompPath, prt2);


pasm = (ProAssembly)mdl;

ProStringToWstring(asm_datums[2], "ASM_RIGHT");

ProStringToWstring(sect, "A");


assy_err = ProModelitemByNameInit(pasm, PRO_SURFACE,
asm_datums[2], &asm_datum);

assy_err = ProGeomitemToSurface((ProGeomitem*)&asm_datum,

assy_err = ProSurfaceIdGet(surf, &i_dtm);

ProXsecPlanarCreate((ProSolid)mdl, sect, i_dtm,

Best regards,

Stephen Gumbas

Enser Corp.

(856) 829-5522 ext 56

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