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gif images (Dialog) (Pro/E 2001)


gif images (Dialog) (Pro/E 2001)

hi guys

I have made a dialog and used some images in it. The images are on the
button and are set using the following attribute in xyz.res file

(buttonItem.Bitmap "abc.gif")

I have placed this abc.gif in the same folder as the .res file. Now when I
test the dialog i.e xyz.res file with the help of prodialog_view exe,
everything works fine and even the gif images are loaded.

prodialog_view xyz.res

However when I load the same dialog through Pro/E custom button, the
dialog gets loaded, however the images are not loaded.
Is there any specific format of *.gif file required or the *.gif files has
to be made in a specific format?
There is no mention of this in Pro/Toolkit documentation.

One more thing, when I use *.bif file provided by Pro/E instead of *.gif
and then load the dialog, everything works fine and the images are also

Hence I concluded that there must be some problem with the *.gif file.
However I am not able to resolve.
So please help me in this regard


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