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"Ghost" Tables


"Ghost" Tables

If I have a drawing that uses a drawing format (with tables) or other
drawing tables, I get "ghost" tables on the screen. These "ghost" tables
have the following properties:

* "ghost" tables are visible only on the screen; they are not printed
* If a "ghost" table is present, then it has the same number of cells as an
existing table in the drawing format or in the drawing
* size / scale of "ghost" tables are smaller than format tables and other
draft tables that they are the image pf
* "ghost" tables contain only the cell borders; they do not contain text
* if the drawing has multiple "ghost" tables, size / scale of "ghost" tables
are proportional to each other
* size / scale of "ghost" tables is proportional to zoom (i.e. if the
"ghost" table is 1 in long when the drawing fits the screen, then the
"ghost" table is 1 in long
* location of "ghost" tables depends on zoom (i.e. when you zoom in / out,
the "ghost" table does not remain in the same place w.r.t. other drawing

I can't select any of these "ghost" table on the screen, even when using a
pick-box. I've also tried opening a drawing format and the "ghost" tables
appear in the format, as well. I can't select any of these "ghost" tables
in the format, either.

Any idea what's causing these "ghost" tables to appear. More important, how
can I make them go away? (sample attached)

Wildfire 2003330 / XP Pro SP1 / NVIDIA Quadro FX 500 / 5216 video driver

Andrew C. Kelly
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