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search for free nesting tool


search for free nesting tool


I am looking for a nesting tool that ideally comes for free. The
requirement is to arrange a number of round shapes (seal contours) on a
sheet of material, using as little room as possible (say what ;-). No
output for NC programming like DXF, etc. is required, graphic output
would do. Input could be a BOM-like list with diameters, thicknesses, and
amounts. Having the cpaability to nest smaller sizes inside of bigger
sized seals would be awesome!

Any hints are appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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I'm doing some work on a model that another user created with about 500
features. It's a real mess. Anyway, while going through some Geometry
Checks, I am trying to use the Search Tool to investigate suspect features.

How can I find a feature by its Model Tree name (e.g., Extrude 77)? I
get no hits searching for Feature by Name and using either Extrude 77 or
EXTRUDE_77, so I must be doing something wrong.



Hi, friend I also have same problem.
But, I find some tricky solution on it.
1)If you're sheetal metal part is not used in asseambly then
flatpattern all the youar part
take it in sheet metal nc ther is one video in YouTube. nest it and then save don't genrate the nc program just do nesting. and save the file. you will geat the one asseambly file of all the neasted part in youar specified sheet in manufacturing. Just take that asseambly file in drafting
seat the scale factor to one. seat drafting std. to ISO. save that file in .dwg or .dxf format.

2) You're sheet metal is used in assembly

just take a new part
Use mearge inharant operation chose the you're sheet metal part make it default then use flatpattern command. repeat same proceduer as specified ubo.

Hi @oliver ,

maybe this is what you're looking for:


It's free and open source

It can read

  • DXF files
  • SVG files
  • Corel CDR files

It can write

  • DXF files
  • SVG files
Samuel Brantner
B&W Software GmbH

It is not free.

It needs a subscription.

Nesting file is not exporting.



@oliver asked this question 15 years ago...I bet he has found a solution ages ago or isn't even working with Creo any longer 🙂


I am still working with Creo, Windchill, and more recently Integrity Lifecycle Manager (now to be known as Windchill RV&S).


Back then, I had been looking for a solution for customers of ours. I'll look into this, though - so many thanks! It's great to see the community is long-lived.

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