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summary: hole table problem


summary: hole table problem

Replies below. Thanks to all who replied. I still don't see why I can't make
it work.


Original Question:

Hi all,

I have trouble making a hole table. Making an axis table works fine, but is
not what I need. When I try hole table, and point at the csys, it says 'no
items found". The holes are all crated as holes. What can I be doing wrong?




1. I'm not sure either; we tried to implement this, but were never
successful. We ended up having our network guru write a script that does

What kind of script? Is it like a mapkey? Or is it windows related?

I don't know exactly, other than it was developed in Pro/TOOLKIT, so maybe
it's a C program? It requires the holes to be created as a UDF, because it
can only find coordinate system origins, so each udf consists of a CS# and a
hole feature. It's pretty slick.

2. I have had the same problem and found out that our template part makes

Try ones with a new "empty" part!

Have you determined that this is the problem?

It's a little late to start over.

I have no proove. I guess the part you have done so far you will have finish
without hole table.

But for the future, try to make 2 simple identical models, one with your
template part and one with an empty part. Then you will see imidiately.

3. They aren't tapped holes are they? Hole tables only do straight

No, they're not tapped holes. I wonder why tapped holes wouldn't work?


4. Is the positive Z axis normal to the screen?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the z-axis is normal to the screen. I think then the axis hole table
wouldn't work either, but it does. The error message would have been
something like "the csys has the wrong orientation".


RE: summary: hole table problem

In the past the way I've made hole tables work is to create a new csys
and then label it as the hole table origin then when creating the table
I choose the new csys and place the table on the drawing. You need to
be consistent with the primary surface and X and Y coordinates when
creating the holes on the part. The new csys needs to be in the same
orientation as the linear dimensions of the holes (i.e. lower left
corner of part is X (location 0 zero) and also Y (location 0 zero) and
this is also the 0,0 linear location of the holes.)

One other thing... when placing the view on the drawing - is the csys
also in the same orientation as you created it in the model?


Re: RE: summary: hole table problem

Can we add z axis in hole table- in hole type table..



please help