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Enterprise Viewer - Summary.

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Enterprise Viewer - Summary.

The initial question:

We are in the process of evaluating viewer which will be used "across
the broad".

In the R&D & Engineering dep. we based on Pro (E+I), while the input
from others varied from step/igs/solidwork to Microsoft office and other
office doc types (jpg, adobe etc)

I'll appreciate if you can share inputs about the type of viewer which
your company used for such activities plus pro & con if possible

The responses:

1 . We are using Product View in combination with PDM Link (automated
conversion). To my knowledge, PView doesn't read Step files (but

IGES well).

2. We use 3d viewer software the only cost less than 400.00. We can send
files to anyone. You don't have to download any files to view the files.
I have tried other viewers that cost a lot more money and you have the
person that receives this file have to download a file to use the file.

3. I just got edrawings and I'm in the process of evaluating it. So far
I think it is a very good tool to communicate your designs to others.

4. I personally have an aversion to anything that view pro/e drawings
(or any other parametric CAD software) directly.

I feel that there is a chance that something has changed in a component
(intentionally or not) that may cause the drawing to appear differently
than the official approved released version. To me, anyone serious
about controlling their documentation would use a PDF type drawing as
the official.