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Future plans of Elements Direct

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Until PTC stops selling seats of Creo Elements Direct then I would worry about it disappearing.

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Thanks for that info Thomas. If you told me only existing customers could still buy new licenses I would believe that as well. So, good to know they are not there yet. But for us: when they stop selling licenses we have a problem. This would mean we can't get a license when we need an extra engineer, and migrating to another system takes a lot of time. We cannot migrate in a year, it will probably take a few, so we need to be prepared a bit.

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct


Dear very concerned customers:


As PTC has executed its Creo strategy since 2010, we have seen a remarkable response in the marketplace from all of our customers, including our Creo Elements/Direct customers. Some of those customers have been excited to adopt Creo to access the broader capabilities that it offers, while others have decided to stay with Creo Elements/Direct in anticipation of the future expansion of direct modeling capabilities in Creo.


Some of you, as stated in this discussion thread, are concerned that PTC would soon ‘sunset’ our Creo Elements/Direct products, leaving you no choice but to move to Creo. As we stated from the early stages of the Creo strategy, we have no intention of doing this. In reality, we remain committed to support both types of customers. We will further support and develop Creo Elements/Direct Modeling for many years to come and we will extend direct modeling in Creo . We see the market requesting parametric and direct modeling capabilities in combination, and our strategy is to offer both within Creo as evidenced by the advances in Creo 4.0. Be encouraged to take a look at examples such as:


  • New Flexible Modeling capabilities in Sheet Metal (view video)
  • New Geometry Search capabilities that can provide powerful geometric de-featuring recipes when stored as queries in parametric features (view video)
  • Adoption of geometry-based selection and interaction workflows with context sensitive mini toolbars throughout Creo Parametric (view video)


Going forward we also plan to expose more flexible modeling capabilities in the assembly environment, a key aspect and benefit of the direct modeling environment you use today.


Although Creo Elements/Direct 20.0 shows fewer enhancements compared to previous releases, it continues to add value. This includes for example:


  • Full Windows 10 support
  • New out of the box native import capabilities for Solid Edge and NX as well as updated version support for existing data exchange capabilities
  • A mix of usability and productivity enhancements including improved DXF/DWG drawing import, a new cable spline editor in Cabling (planned for M010) and more
  • Hundreds of solved customer SPRs removing reported issues to increase software performance in your day to day usage.


Focus over the past few years has also been to develop and/or improve


  • our Creo Elements/Direct Windchill Workgroup Manager
  • a set of migration tools that will aid you in moving your data from Model Manager to Windchill as smoothly as possible allowing you to benefit from the industry’s broadest and best product lifecycle management solution – Windchill
  • increase data upwards compatibility allowing you to leverage the design intent stored in your Creo Elements/Direct data within Creo. The recent releases add associative drawing import, automatic transfer of Round & Chamfer meta data, as well as Unite technology support. The latter allows to open and embed native Creo Elements/Direct assemblies inside Creo assemblies to ease coexistence and transition scenarios.


All of the above reflects the importance for PTC to protect your investment in the product. Whether you stay with Creo Elements/Direct and adopt future versions of it (next version is currently in planning) or whether you want to move to Creo to benefit from its broader set of capabilities and integrations with the whole PTC product suite.

Thank you for your loyalty to PTC. If you have further questions, you can contact your PTC sales team or PTC partner.

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Does Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 20.0 import support the following 3-rd software native file?

  • SolidWorks 2016
  • Inventor 2016
  • NX 10.0
  • SolidEdge ST8

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Yes, Creo Elements/Direct 20.0 supports all of the above versions!



Re: Future plans of Elements Direct


Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 20.0 supports the import of the listed 3-rd software native files.


We are supporting:


  • SolidWorks 2001Plus to 2016
  • Inventor R11, V2008 to V2016
  • UG V13.0 to UGS NX 10
  • UGS SolidEdge V18.0 to UGS SolidEdge ST8

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

Those advances in Creo 4.0 don't do any good to those of us who want to continue using Creo Elements/Direct. When you start commenting about the direct modeling capabilities in Creo, we start believing that PTC wants to force us to move from Creo Elements/Direct Modeling to Creo. And talking about "upward compatibility" between Creo Elements/Direct and Creo further emphasizes that PTC wants us to migrate from Creo Elements/Direct to Creo; why aren't you also working on improving the ability to go from Creo to Creo Elements/Direct as well?

While I agree that having direct and parametric capabilities in combination is what is going to be the best in the future, I would like to see the parametric capabilities of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling expanded and improved rather than going to Creo.

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

I fully agree with your idea. PTC is slowly guiding CoCreate Modeling customers to migrate to Creo Paraametric. It will take five or ten years, then completely retire CoCreate Modeling.

Re: Future plans of Elements Direct

What changes will be incorporated to Creo Elements/Direct 20.0 in relation to direct drafting (2D only). As CEDD becomes my program's standard for 2D work I am interested in what is to come.


Re: Future plans of Elements Direct


PDS Vision (UK), are having an "Open Day" at the end of this month, where we've scheduled several key PTC personnel to present and speak about the latest Creo Elements\Direct applications, it's direction and roadmap.  It should be a good platform that would hopefully ease various concerns that have been raised on this thread!  I appreciate not all of you are UK based, but for those that might be available to attend, we'd love to see you there, so please feel free to register on the link below: