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Thanks heaps for all the replies.

Original Question.

I was wondering if anybody else has noticed this, when creating a PDF of
a drawing some of the information in the title box of the drawing ends
up misaligned. See the attached PDF.

Is this a problem with my drawing parameters or is this a ProE thing?

I got a few replies on this one and the general thought was, when
creating the PDF file to activate the 'Stroke all fonts' however this
increases the size of the file dramatically. The other suggestion was to
play around with the font type, to try and find one that Adobe would
recognize and convert better.

Below are some of the replies I received.

Use the option under format to "Stroke All Fonts". That should clear it
up. When you use the stroke all fonts option, this option increased the
file size i.e.. not using stroke font option the file size was 133k,
using stroke option the files size was 1568k

If your using the "Save to PDF" option from the toolbar, there are some
changes that need to be made to the text in your drawing. Unless your
using a font type that can converted to actual text, the characters get
redefined to a font that Adobe can recognize. If you pick "Stroke all
Fonts" all the text is converted to vector data, and it's not editable
as text after its converted to a PDF document. Pro/E's font types don't
match to Adobe's fonts, but the Arial, CG Omega and other TTF's seem to
convert pretty well. It takes some testing to find the font type that
will work with your situation. Also, you should set the layers to "None"
so that all the line data gets converted

Thanks for the help.

Chad van Vlierden

Design Engineer


Private Bag 903,

Upper Hutt 5018, NZ