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Quilts flipping inside out


Quilts flipping inside out

I am having an issue with quilts flipping inside out. Let me give an example.

  • I have quilt1 which I merge with quilt2.

  • I then make a copy of this which makes it quilt3.

  • I use this quilt3 to solidify a hole in a solid.

All is well. I then want to make some changes.

  • I have a new quilt4 which I merge with quilt1 (rather than with quilt 2)

  • I update quilt3 so it is a copy of this new merged quilt

  • I use this quilt3 to solidify a hole in a solid

Now sometimes when I do the last solidifying step the material removed is the opposite to what was removed before so I have to manually go in and flip everything. Is there a way to stop this? Or to know which side is in and which side is out.


Quilts flipping inside out

The secret is that the ID of the resulting merged quilt keeps the ID of the
FIRST surf/quilt picked when merging. Notice that you can change the order
of the quilts in the collector:

So, when building a quilt via merges, it is important that you know / keep
track of which quilt is the "leader" "parent" (?) "head" quilt.

Using query select when selecting the quilts to merge will let you know
which you are picking so that you can be consistent with the first one.

Hopefully this is the trouble you're seeing.

There is also the phenomenon where Pro/E assumes you want the side of the
quilt that you don't want. They worked hard on this algorithm and they've
done a really good job - it is nearly 95% accurate in guessing what you
don't want. I don't know how they did it, but I am regularly amazed. Maybe
you've stumbled on a way to trick it!

Quilts flipping inside out

1.) If you solidify with a closed quilt, it will always default to removing the material on the inside of the closed quilt.

2.) Pay attention to the order of your merges. The merged quilt is seen as a continuation of the first quilt added to the merge. It should maintain that quilt's normal direction, name, etc. In your scenario below, quilts 1 and 2 probably have their normal going a different way. Quilt 3 is simply a copy of whatever its parent is. The copy won't change the normal direction. One possible solution might be to create a new quilt before 1 & 2, and use this as your main feature. Merge 1 or 2 to this, and then copy this to 3. Because 1 won't change, the normal in 3 shouldn't change either.

Tom U.

RE: Quilts flipping inside out

Thanks for all the responses, really helpful. My example was pretty simple but actually my model is very complicated so it isn't always possible to retain the original feature in the merge but I will pay more attention to this in future.

The"flip normal" feature actually worked a treat, I didn't know about this before so thanks!