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Simplified Rep question - SUMMARY


Simplified Rep question - SUMMARY

First of all, I want to thanks everyone for their wonderful help. You
guys are the best !
I received numerous responses to my original question. Some have been
right to the point and some have been quite elaborate.
I decided to include all the responses because I though it may be of
help to others as well. You may pick up something as well.
Once again... Thanks to all.


1. The default rule is now "master rep" instead of "exclude" when you
are starting from scratch. To change to an "exclude" default rule, you
need to click on the top-level assembly in the model tree.

2. select the items you want then go to view and pick represents and
then master, this will do what you want. then go to view, view manager ,
the master rep will have a + behind it this means that there is not a
rep assigned to the current view, RMB and create a new name and walla
your rep is created just like you wanted. hope this helps.

3. Pick what you want to keep in the model tree then select
View>Representation>Master Rep. Here is a good tutorial on the subject:
(Side note... According to this PTC tutorial, ther are only 17 simple
steps to creating simplified reps - <grin>).

4. First you exclude the assembly, then you include any components you

5. One thing you can do, Pick the thing that you want, then pick view,
representation. I think that is the object-action way to make simplified
reps. I don't remember the exact picks and we've gone on to WF3 which is
somewhat different.

Also, make sure that you update the reps if you want to save your
changes. I do a lot where I pick the rep, click properties, change the
rep, then go back to the main list of simplified reps and hit update on
the one I just changed.

6. You need to make the DEFAULT option EXCLUDE.

Choose EXCLUDE and select the top-level assembly.

Then choose MASTER and select the components you want.

7. simplified reps work the same way in that you set up a default rule.
It's not obvious, but it is simple - create your rep, redefine it, make
sure you are in the Exclude tab and then select the top level object in
the feature tree. this sets the default rule to Exclude.

8. On the exclude by default, now, create the rep, redefine it and while
the exclude tab is active, hit the top-level assembly. Produces that
same result as the 2001 sequence you are used to. A note, when creating
a new simplified rep in WF2, it becomes a "copy" of your active rep. In
the above example, it only works if you are in the master rep. If you
are already in a rep that is exclude by default, your new rep will also
be exclude by default with the same edits. Takes just a little getting
used to, but I like it better than before now that I'm used to it.

9. It's actually easier than in earlier versions (& more user friendly,
IMO). Open your view manager than select the simp rep tab. Select new,
select default state (which can be changed at will) than state for
remaining items. You could do it the opposite way by selecting the item
you want in whatever state it needs to be in than select default rule.
You can probably do it a couple of other ways as well. I've seen people
create them thru the "View>representation" pull down. Whatever works for
you. Just watch out for the "DEF" button in the edit tab. That sets the
default state for whatever items are selected. It must be toggled to get
back to the include tab.

10. Two ways: 1) Create new rep. In Edit Rep menu pick the Exclude tab,
than pick the top assembly from the model tree. Sets the default rule to
Exclude. Then pick the Include tab and pick the components you want to
keep.. 2) Pick the components you want to keep (use control key for
multiple selection). Then pick View, Representation, Master rep. They go
away. Then open the View Manager and from the Simple Rep tab pick New
and give your new rep a name. The second way is great for creating
on-the-fly reps that you might not want to save.


12. Within View Manager when you are redefining simplified rep go to
exclude tab and select top level assembly in model tree and then select
include tab in view manager and pick all components you want either from
the screen or model tree.

13. set the default is what it sounds like your try'n to do just select
the part name or asm name in the model tree to set it's default rule...
tricky...kind of hidden
14. simple as can be you select #exlude and then pick the top level
assembly, then master rep and you select component diserd.

15. When you set up the rep from the view manager, select the exclude
tab on the edit window, and pick the top level assembly, this
essentially changes the default from include to exclude.

16. (screen dumps of icons did not come over in this reply, but they did
in the original response)
1. open "view manager"
2. click "New" to create a new rep
3. MMB to accept the given name for the new rep or type your desired
name for the new rep and hit "enter"
4. notice that your new rep is now active (marked with red arrow)
5. click on "Properties >>" in the lower left corner of the "view
6. notice that your top assy is marked with this label
7. select from window or / and modeltree the components you want to show
8. when you now click in the "view manager" from these icons the magic
notice that the label of your top assy changed from to
notice that the components you want to show exlusively are marked with
this label
9. click on "<< List" in the lower left corner of the "view manager"
10. notice that your new rep has added "(+)" at the end of its name.
11. click "update" from RMM to save your changes in your new rep (or
just doubble click)
This works also the other way round when you want to "not show" some
You only have to change the clicks in
8. ... when you now click in the "view manager" from these icons the
magic appears:
notice that the label of your top assy remains
notice that the components you want to show exlusively are marked with
this label
According to this listing it seems to be complicated, but in real life
it works really nice.

17. The easiest way I've found to do this is to start with the master
rep active and select all the parts you want to include in your new rep.
You will have to use [ctrl] select to pick more than one component. If
you want to include a subassembly, you can use [rt-button]-Select Parent
to pick the next higher assembly once you've picked a component. Once
everything is selected, pick View-Representation-Master Rep and all the
unselected components will disappear.
At this point you have temporarily modified the master rep. This will
show on the screen as "SIMPLIFIED REP: Master Rep(+)" in the lower
right. The (+) means modified. If you want to save the new rep, go
View-View Manager (use the button shortcut). Pick [New], name your rep
and hit return.
Similarly, you can rep out a few components with the same process except
select View-Representation-Exclude. I find this to be a handy way to
hide components, even temporarily and it regens faster than "hide".
A couple notes: Temporary reps are pretty handy, you can use them for a
specific task and then just re-activate the master rep and it goes back
to the original configuration.
The Select Parent method can cause you problems - if you pick it too
many times on the same subassembly you'll end up with the entire
assembly selected and have to start over in the selection process. I try
to pick subassemblies first for this reason. Finally, it's best to start
with the master rep for this process. I've had mixed results starting
from another rep.

18. In rep creation, expand the entire model tree, select the very top
item and scroll to the bottom. Holding the shift key, select the very
bottom item. You now have an "exclude" rep. You can now switch to
include and pick the components from the screen, model tree, or use the
"find" dialogue. Investigate the "find" tool. Once you overcome how
useless it seems at first, it will actually do some amazing things.
Using the find tool, you can fairly easily create an "opposite" rep by
referring to the attached image for the tab and selection choices. You
need to redefine a simplified rep - without activating it. With a
different rep active, right-click the opposite rep and choose redefine.
Now, when you're redefining the rep, you want to include everything but
what is visible. If you need more detail on how to do it, let me know
and I'll blather on a bit more.

19. if you have your Sip Rep up you would go to the model tree and then
highlight the parts you want to add to your rep, if you have to drill
down thru the model tree to only pick 1 or 2 items instead of the whole
sub assembly then you pick those, go back to view, representation,
master and they will appear on the screen again. then go to the view,
view manager, your simplified rep will now have a + sign behind it
saying that it has been changed, pick you rep, RMB pick update and there
you have it. updated simplified rep.

20. By the way, buttons or mapkeys for View-Representation-Master Rep,
View-Representation-Exclude and one to activate the master rep are
really handy, especially if you find yourself using temporary reps a
As far as redefining to show more components: from the View Manager,
[Edit]-Redefine will give you a dialog box with tabs to Include or
Exclude other components. The trick is you can't graphically pick
additional components, you have to know what you're looking for and pick
them from the model tree (or the search tool). In our case, we have a
"description" parameter in our models that we can show as a column in
the model tree, that gives a little bit better chance of finding the
right components.
It is much easier to exclude components from an existing rep because
they are on the screen and can be picked. So if you know you're going to
be creating several reps in increasing complexity, start with the most
complex and create the simpler reps by excluding components from that
one. (Hope that makes sense.) I don't redefine reps much - I find that I
generally just start over from the master rep to create a new rep.

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