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Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?


Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

Hi everyone,

I occasionally experience tendinitis in my wrist, and I am sure it is caused
by using the mouse. This article explains the condition of tendinitis which
I assume most of you will experience sometime is your career:

www. <">>

Other than wrist supports, I have found switching the mouse from right-hand
to left-hand (or the reverse) to be the most effective way to temporary
treat this condition as it is a repetitive-stress-injury. I am fortunate
enough to be ambidextrous so switching the mouse from one arm to the other
is not a problem in the short-term. In the long-term, I would prefer a more
preventive solution and would like to know if any useful products are
available that significantly help in preventing tendinitis of the wrist.

I am aware of several products (wrist guards, wrist supports, etc.), but I
think the improvements/prevention are minimal at best. I have found
massage-therapy to be helpful in relieving the discomfort of tendinitis. If
you know of a great product, I would appreciate forwarding the information.




Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

This condition can be prevented if you always use shown dimensions.


Bob Frindt
Sr. Designer
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Parker Aerospace
Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division
9200 Tyler Boulevard
Mentor, OH 44060 USA
direct (440) 954-8159

Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

Switching the mouse occasionally is actually pretty simple, even if you
don't consider yourself ambidextrous. You need a non-handed (symmetric)
mouse and you need to swap the RH & LH mouse buttons in your mouse
driver. Aside from learning some fine motor control when using the LH,
I found it surprisingly easy.

I recently got a Evoluent Vertical Mouse [1] as I had tennis elbow which
I can only attribute to the mouse since I don't play tennis! I have
found it to mostly work well with Pro|E. The only downside has been
that it seems slightly more sensitive to the selection issues that some
mice experience. Switching the DPI to the lowest setting (on the bottom
of the mouse) and finessing the speed and acceleration settings has
helped. (BTW - Any other Vertical Mouse users with suggestions for
improved performance with Pro|E use, I'd be interested)

My wife has been using one of these for years and it greatly helped her
wrist pain. In fact, when she first got it she had daily pain and slept
with a wrist brace. Very quickly, her pain went away and she has only
minor occasional issues now.

[1] -

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

I use the Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel and many of the issues I had
with my shoulder went away. I would imagine the design would also help in
your situation.

Tendonitis of the wrist prevention products?

I have problems on occasion myself. I have been given stretching exercises
for my hand and wrist that help quite a bit. I have also switched hands and
used different style of mouse. The stretching seems to be the best for me.

John Scranton

Sr. Designer

Ultra Electronics

UnderSea Sensor Systems, Inc.

Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

Other things that may help:

1)Get a height-adjustable keyboard and/or mouse tray, to allow your wrist
to be as straight as possible (as pointed out in the permanente pdf)

2) get an MS Natural-style split ergonomic keyboard

3) try switching to a trackball - you will not be making all those small but
repetitive wrist bends that you do when using a mouse. Personally, I prefer
logitech's trackman wheel, and no special drivers are required, so it plays
nice with pro/e


Lyle Beidler
178 Muddy Creek Church Rd
Denver PA 17517
Fax 717-336-0514

Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

Try a spaceball. It will cut down on the movement that the mouse hand
has to travel. Another item that works well for me is a mousepad with
a wrist rest. It keeps your arm more in the proper angle.

Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

Warning Rant ahead.

"For right handed people only" - come on, where'd they do their
research. Don't they know that there are a higher proportion of lefties
in the design world? We're precisely the type of person who'd need one
of these mice. Not content to forcing us to cross hands when using a
chain saw or attempting to play the French horn, let alone trying to
open a bottle of wine, we now have to try and manipulate a right handed
thumb wheel with our pinkie finger. I'm sure that's a recipe for
tendonitis or repetitive stress syndrome.

End of rant.

Richard A. Black

Lead Engineer

Eaton Corporation

16900 Aberdeen Road

Laurinburg, NC. 28353

Tel: 910-610-1788

Fax: 910-277-3700

Tendinitis of the wrist prevention products?

Depends on where you shop.....

Of course, there are always the haters..........