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Update - Warp tool - stretch

Topaz II

Update - Warp tool - stretch

A couple of suggestions indicated I might using the tool wrong. Here's
what I'm doing:

Insert -> Warp
Select 'SolidGeom' (the only thing it appears I can select)
Select the default CYS
Click the stretch button
In the dashboard, there's now a field with a value of 1.000. I
assume this is a ration. I want the part 17.5% longer, so I enter
1.175. Pro|E, thinking better of my intent I guess, changes it to 3.59
Under options there are 3 more fields. One is labeled 'Length'
and is showing the current length of my part, .626. I enter .735 (the
length I want) and Pro|E, thinking better of my intent I guess, changes
it to something else, either 5.5 and change or 11.1 and change. No idea
why one or the other.

Someone suggested viewing the tutorial. Searched for 'warp tutorial'
and just 'warp' in the KB and didn't find it.

Another suggested a spinal bend. Can that be used for a simple linear

Another suggested creating a parameter and using it for the length. I
tried that in the 'Length' field in step 6 above. It gave me 1.00
instead of .735. Closer, but still no good.

When I heard of Warp I initially dismissed it as worthless. I try to
keep an open mind, however, so I tried it. Turns out my first
impression may have been right.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

Update - Warp tool - stretch


I always envisioned the warp tool was more for aesthetics then a actual
functional dimensional tool.

Update - Warp tool - stretch

Warp tool - stretchThe warp tool is good for bending rubber to show it
installed or positioned in an unusual way.

Ken Sauter
Sauter Industrial Design
3352 Broadway Blvd #414
Garland, TX 75043
214-292-8732 fax
214-724-9100 cell

Update - Warp tool - stretch

In WF2 I've used warp successfully for casting patterns, it is useful
dimensionally for those.

The interface is beyond bad and I don't claim to understand all the options,
but the tool is powerful.

It has a mind of its own, depending what you click, the list of options
under the tab will change.

So if you see different options, you probably selected something different.

Keep an eye on the message line for hints because the UI does not conform to
the usual grip and screen highlight UI.

I think I'm doing it a little differently than you.

I use the Transform option/icon to obtain a scale.

Select the coordinate system & solid geometry - kind of happens by default.

In the Options tab, select a purple corner reference to scale from - bad UI,
you can select Corners or centers (Edges) of the lines of the bounding box.

Make sure they are opposite corners so they will scale the whole thing 3D
and not 2D.

Then enter a scale.

Then measure everything to make sure it scaled in the directions you wanted.

Also, in the List tab, you need to keep track because it will keep adding
warp functions one after another.

It works like the model player, make sure you only leave what you want.

For a simple warp, there should be a Transform: Reference and a Transform:
Scale, followed by a insert here.

WF3 or 4 might be different, dunno.


Walt Weiss

Update - Warp tool - stretch

Actually I found a good use. We were designing reflectors that had
1000's of facets. This reflector needed to be curved. We waisted about
1 month trying to create it on a curved surface, never could get the
facets placed properly (always overlapping each other somewhere). The
way to do it was to create the facets on a flat surface then warp it.
Worked perfect.



HP DesignJet 500

Hi Guys,

I have acquired an HP Design Jet 500, with a Jet Direct Card.

After installing it, it works fine if I print DXF files or PDF's but gives
me Errors in Pro.

It prints certain parts of the drawing only, and states it is running out of

Can I fix this without adding more RAM



Re: Update - Warp tool - stretch

In Warp Stretch I try to change marquee size by selecting Absolute, proportional, offset, but I can't get what I want.

What is the relation between the Marquee size and Scale?


Re: Update - Warp tool - stretch

I totally agree.  I've used it for Industrial Design, but it's not an accurate tool.  But for me, it worked great, and I didn't need a particular "number".

Re: Update - Warp tool - stretch

Hi Doug,

I have successfully used the WARP feature several times for compensating cooling warpage of plastic parts.

So you take the creo part and bend it in the opposite direction. This can be done with the parametric model or -since it is only for tooling purposes- with a derived model with a copy geom or merge (since for warping you do not need any of the original features).
The key to getting exact results is to combine it with an optimization analysis.
The idea is to create reference points for measuring on the undeformed and deformed part and create an analysis feature (distance e.g.)
Using the optimization analysis you can then vary the WARP parameter (often a relative one) between a min and a max value so that your measured dimension reaches the exact desired value.

I created a document for a PTCuser lecture years ago (WF2) so it is public. Most of it is still valid.

I just saw that it is in German... I will check if I have an English version as well.


Re: Update - Warp tool - stretch

Sorry, there is no English version.
But I think many of the images might still be valuable.