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Quite a while ago there was a posting on how to place a Watermark across
a drawing. I thought I had saved it for future use but only find an
empty WATERMARK folder. Is there a way to place a Watermark on a drawing
in WF2? If so, can someone kindly give me step by step instructions on
how to do this? This has become a popular request within the last few
weeks and I am unable to find anything on this.

Wildfire 2


Denise Hartranft
Lead Designer, Eaton Corp.
Auburn Clutch Division



here it is a link from


there is free pdf printer :



I think there is an easier route than editing Postscript - well two I know:

The program pdfFactoryPro ( has a neat option for defining a set of watermarks and applying them to a PDF it is producing. See screen shot at

Also if you have Acrobat Professional the Document>Watermak has a very comprehensive set of options for watermarking an existing PDF. I added another to my first example with Acrobat.

Most Windows printers seem to have trouble with Pro|E margins. pdfFactorypro is no exception as you see on the left margin of the demo. Acrobat Distiller does better. Hints anyone?

John Prentice


If you have Adobe Acrobat (not just reader), an alternative technique is to
create a Stamp out of a Pro/E watermark.

First, create a blank drawing in Pro/E, and insert the text or logo you want
to use for the watermark.

You may find it necessary to rotate it 90 degrees - I'm not sure why.

Save the drawing as a pdf - the next step requires a pdf or Illustrator

Then, open up Acrobat & pick Tools > Commenting > Stamp Tool > Create Custom

In the dialog box, browse to the file, pick a category for your stamp (in my
case, "MGS" - see below), and give it a name.

To place the stamp - choose Tools > Commenting > Stamp Tool > your category
> the name of the stamp

(or choose the button shown above)

The final stamp is shown below - you may need to set opacity, or you might
be able to pre-define the opacity in Illustrator.


Lyle Beidler
178 Muddy Creek Church Rd
Denver PA 17517
Fax 717-336-0514
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Denise, Water marks are great providing someone actually clicks the button
to add the water mark before printing the drawing. For this reason I prefer
using a symbol and add it directly to the drawing. The drawing will always
have the Preliminary stamp on it, until a Pro/e user removes the symbol. We
create PDF's all the time and this method prevents someone from printing
them without the Preliminary stamp on the drawing.

Curtis Smith
Aida America

Attached is the stamp we have used for a long time.


Try out PDFTK. It is a PDF tool kit that you can use to do all sorts
of neat tricks. Water marking is one of them.

Alfonso Medina O.
Mechanical Engineer