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WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro


WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

Hey everyone,

Got a quick question or 2...

I am in the process of upgrading from WF4 to either WF5 or Creo Elements
which I believe is similar to WF5, if not the same altogether.

My question is should I skip over WF5 and step right to Creo
Elements/Pro or is Creo still more or less in the testing phase?

Some details that I am curious about are:

* Doe the interface/environment look exactly to same from WF5 to

* Do all the Mapkeys/configs that worked in WF5 automatically
work in Creo?

* Is WF5 soon going to go away and be replaced by Creo?

* Are there any advantages or disadvantages to going right into
Creo Elements/Pro?

* Will Creo Elements work fine with EMX6.0?



Paul Mailloux

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WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

WF5 = Creo/Elements Pro

Creo 1.0 (minus the Elements/Pro), on the other hand, is not the same as
WF5, I don't think anyway.  Creo 1.0 is due out this summer, I believe.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

AND, without hesitation, I would pre-recommend skipping Creo 1.0.

Steve Williams
Pro/E Version 15/16 (Circa 1995/1996)

WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 M060 is the same as all other 5.0 releases.
With the M070 build it is now Creo Elements/Pro. New load point, new
look to the shortcut icon, and new splash screens. All other
functionality is the same as any other 5.0 release. One thing that is
different is if you are downloading the software from PTC, for a release
after M060, you will need to make sure that you go to Creo Elements/Pro
section as shown below:

This caused some confusion when we were looking for the M070 release.

Like Doug said Creo 1.0 is due this summer. I would agree with Steve,
skip it.

Hope this helps clear things up.


WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

If everyone follows your recommendation, then there won't be any guinea pigs
to flush out all the bugs!

WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

This should be done by the designing group through design analysis and design bench testing prior to production and fielding of the product. This is manufacturing and production 101 folks.

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WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

Nobody listens to me.

There are always groups who are on the cutting edge for whatever reason. Us folk in the oilfield, we tend to lag a decade or two.

Steve Williams
Pro/E Version 15/16 (Circa 1995/1996)

WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

That is the problem with PTC software. They leave the debugging to their customers as a means of reducing their internal costs.
Creo 1.0 will only be put into production at the F000 build by the brave who have time to submit and track bug reports.
By the time the m050 or m060 build get released, Creo 1.0 may be stable enough to put into production by those who have a need to use it.
Since Creo 2.0 is needed for Windchill, most of us will have to wait anyway for that release.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

RE: WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

Brian - "New load point" does it mean you can't do an update installation into the same load point directory let's say of an M060 installation?


WF5 or Creo Elements/Pro

I am sure that you can, but you would have to specify the load point.
Here is the load point path for M060 (C:\Program Files\proeWildfire
5.0\bin) and for M070 (C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo Elements\Pro5.0\bin).
These are the default location of the installation. We haven't tried
specifying a different location yet, this is on a test station. We are
hoping that once we specify the existing load point it will update the
same as in the past.