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Decimal Places


Decimal Places

In our models we have set up as a standard to use only 4 decimal places but
when we use shown dimensions in the drawing it also shows it as 4 decimal
places. When we change the DTL file to show only 2 decimal places in the
drawing it automatically rounds the part up and changing our design.
Therefore we either have to leave the four decimal places in our drawing or
use the added dimension feature instead of shown dimensions to control the
decimal places.

Has anybody found a way to set the number decimal places in the model as one
value and have a different number of decimal places in the drawing while
using the shown dimensions?

Thanks for your help.

Frank Tietjen
Zumtobel Staff


RE: Decimal Places

Has anyone found an answer to this? In other threads there is a suggestion to add [.X] (where "X" is the desired number of decimal places.) after the parameter that controls the dimension. When I right click on a dimension in a drawing and select Properties and go to the Text tab and place [.X] after the dimension it only adds "[.X] after the dimension - and does not change the number of decimal places.

Decimal Places

[.2] if you want two decimal places
[.14] if you want fourteen
[.5] if you want five

Brian S. Lynn
Technical Coordinator, Product Engineering

RE: Decimal Places

Thanks for your reply, but apparently I am doing something wrong as it does not work. See attached.

Decimal Places

It only works for created dimensions, not for shown.



Decimal Places


To set the number of decimal places on the drawing you can always use the #Format #Decimal places..., then type the desired number of decimal places and select entities you want to apply the decimal places to.

Best regards,

Jurij Škraba

Research & Developement Department for Hydromechanical Equipment

Litostroj E.I., d.o.o. | Production of Power Generation and Industrial Equipment |

RE: Decimal Places

To control decimal places in shown dimensions see attached:

Rodney Decker

WF3 M140

In Reply to Chuck Cargo:

Thanks for your reply, but apparently I am doing something wrong as it does not work. See attached.

Decimal places

WF3, M170

I'm working to remodel an IGES import that evidentially wasn't modeled in any even units.  The dimensions are all odd numbers, out to 6+ decimal places, whether in MM or Inches.  I'm modeling to 5 place accuracy (in inches) to duplicate the IGES file.

The challenge is that during feature creation, even entering a 5 place number, Pro|E rounds to 3 places.  The only way to get a true 5 place number is to create the feature, then edit it and re-enter the 5 place dimension, which Pro|E will then take without rounding.  This seems inconsistent. Either Pro|E should always override the entry to 3 match the config settings, or it should allow manual entry to any decimal place desired.  I also don't recall WF2 acting this way.

For sketched features, I can change the sketcher preferences to 5 places and solve it.  For non sketched features like rounds, chamfers, offset planes, feature depths, etc. I cannot.

How do I get Pro|E to take the 5 place number the first time?

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Decimal Places

I am placing the volume in a format ( &pro_mp_volume ) no
how do I control the amount of decimal places? I though I could use [.1]
but doesn't seam to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

WF3 M250

Cheers in advance

Colin Down
Mechanical Design Engineer
email: -
tel: +44 1305 208503

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Decimal Places

We place the mass and the surface area in our format using that technique. For example: &PRO_MP_MASS[.2]

We are currently using Wildfire 4.0 Note that there is no space between the parameter and the bracket.


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