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Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

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Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Hi Everyone...



Once again PTC/User is holding it's bi-annual "face to face" Technical Committee ("TC") meetings. These meetings are held twice a year and the Winter Session is being held this week. I realize I still owe an updated spreadsheet from the last meetings in August. However, I still have everyone's enhancements and I'll be raising as many topics as possible during the meetings.


Understanding that this is a bit late, if you have requests or nagging problems with Creo 2.0, now is the time to speak up. Please know that topics like the User Interface (ribbon), colors, the measuring tool, and assembly constraints are well-covered already. There's a special meeting for "pain points" and user annoyances with the Detailing module so that might be a good place to focus your comments.


It helps to remember that the most useful enhancement requests are very specific. Vague requests like "fix the measurement tool" are not as easy to fight for as a more focused request. Errors or problems should be described well. Because I'm very late in starting this topic, I do not have the time I usually have to go back and ask questions to clarify and understand each request. The better you can describe your issue, the easier it is for me to bring it to the attention of the PTC developers and Product Line Managers.


For those of you are not familiar with what the PTC/User Technical Committees do, here's a link back to the Summer TC Discussion which features a pretty good description.


As always, our goal is to make positive contributions so that we may influence future releases of the software. Reasonable requests supported by sound logic and a true business need have the best chance of being well received. These are professional meetings held at the pleasure of PTC and it's employees. I'm an invited guest at this event and I'm also representing my employer so I need to remain professional. While I'll do my best to make a case for incorporating your enhancements, please remember that I probably can't get to every request. Numerous meetings occur simultaneously and it's tough to hop around between rooms.


Add your comments, requests, pain points, and feedback to this thread. I'll do my best to get it in front of the developers. I'll catalog the requests and post a synopsis and a final report after the meetings. I'm working on one master spreadsheet to incorporate all the requests we've gathered since last year's meetings. I have a bit of time in the hotel room this week. I'll try to get the chart finished before I head home on Friday.


Remember to keep it positive if possible... but let's hear what you have to say!





PS: I am currently a member of the following Technical Committees so I can address topics in any of these areas:

  • Routed Systems - Cabling/Piping & Schematics
  • Core Modeling
  • Model Based Definition (ASME Y.14.41 Standards)
  • System Administration
  • Detailing
  • Creo View / Visualization
  • Windchill


PPS: If you're interested in joining a TC, go to the PTC/User Website, create a login, and sign up!


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Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Hello Everyone...

The link to the completed document (spreadsheet) tracking all enhancement requests is UP! This has all of the requests I've gathered from January of 2013 (last year) through January 2014.

There's quite a bit going on in this chart... the color codes help explain what happened with each submission. The dots in the first column appear next to any item that has been updated for January 2014. As promised, I went back to the old lists. If I'd missed something from Jan '13 or June '13, I tried again in Jan '14.

Over 80 enhancements from your submissions did get in front of the PTC developers. Many of them were well received. Some of them were either already planned, already implemented, or so popular that I imagine we'll be seeing them very, very soon.

Everyone who submitted a request should check the chart for their name and add comments to the DOCUMENT thread so I can add keep track of everything. I'm only linking the document here for convenience. Please submit your comments and feedback to the document thread so I don't have to hunt through the longer discussion threads to see your responses.



PS: I'm adding this same note to all 3 enhancement threads so please forgive the duplications!


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

I believe you have this one already, but I'd love to have the measure dialog fully open when called upon.

Consistency is huge. I'd love to see a focus on consistency throughout the software, starting with consistent behavior for the middle mouse button. I know that's rather vague, but it's been a problem for years throughout Proe & now Creo. The middle mouse is a great example.

This isn't a software problem, but if they want our maintenance dollars they need to get back to somethign approaching annual releases. An 18-24 month release cycle means no value in paying maintenance every year.

Doug Schaefer | Engineering Manager
Crow Works

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Hi Doug...

Done. Your request for the measure dialog to fully open (or an option to make this the default) has been logged by PTC. My feeling was that they didn't see this was a big deal meaning... it seemed like they could do it easily. Whenever you see them just shrug off the request as if it's a no-brainer, that's a good sign. They'll almost always try to work in the 'easy-to-accommodate' issues because they're the low hanging fruit.

I don't think we're getting back to a 12 month release cycle... but I am happy to push for more consistency across the product.



Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

This may also be a good time to have everyone review the enhancements submitted to the Creo Product Ideas and make sure they have voted on the ones they'd like brought up to our Product Management team.

I've got a seperate task to review the highest voted ideas with the team next month and to have their team report back on which ideas will remain open for voting, moved to under consideration, for future consideration, or if there are no plans to implement.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Hi Ryan...

Would it be possible for the user community (perhaps here on PTC Community) to get a list of which ideas are getting considered and which are not being implemented. Up until now we've heard that PTC looks at those Product Ideas but there's really no proof per se.

What I mean is... as of the Summer 2013 TC meeting, there were over 1000 ideas. Some are very, very stale. The whole system ends up clogged with these old requests. Other times there are fantastic requests that aren't getting voted on. I'm not sure what we have now (in terms of gathering product ideas) is the right solution. We're sort of on the right track but the sheer volume of requests makes it so that a great many of them are never seen and therefore never voted on.

Perhaps if we could see which ones were being considered, that would help. Also, if we could clear out the ones not being considered, that might help reduce the overall number of items making it easier for people to vote on the remaining ones.

It might be helpful to see a "top 50" list of enhancement requests on a grid or table. Not that we expect that many to be implemented... but having a chart and seeing the ideas you're considering might go a long way toward smoothing the feathers of users who are sometimes uncertain if PTC is really considering their input.

Best regards,


Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Hey Brian -

This is one of the bigger tasks I've been assigned with since taking over the helm at PTC Community. We are going through the analysis next month, so while I don't have a finite list of ideas under consideration right now I will hopefully have more clarity and an update next month. As of right now it's safe to assume that all Product Ideas that remain 'Open For Voting' are going to be reviewed and processed over the coming months.

It's simple to filter the Product Ideas by popularity and status within PTC Community, here is a list of the Top 50 Product Ideas still 'Open For Voting'. You can also adjust the filters to see what ideas have been processed.

Moving forward, my goal is to work with the Product Management team to review Product Ideas on a more regular basis and for them to report back on which ideas are moving into their process. Lastly, I just wanted to assure you that your input is important and that I, among many others, am here to make sure you're listened to.

- R

P.S. All that aside, I don't want to distract from the importance of Brain's original post. All of our members should be encouraged to review and submit new ideas so that we can take the very best of what the community has to offer.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Thanks Ryan...

You're still rather new... you haven't been chewed up by some of the regulars on PTC Community yet. After a few months you may not want to listen anymore!

Good luck in your new role!

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Consistency should be PTC's topmost concern, if they ever want to bother speaking about less mouse travel and mouse clicks again.

Another low hanging fruit I can think of is the Repeat Component placement tab. When MMB is pressed this one cancels out with a warning message that cannot be confirmed or canceled with MMB at all.

Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Hello there Brian,

I'll try to expand on the Consistency matter. Some of the things I might not remember off the top of my head, but let me try.

About the Esc key:

Esc key in Creo cancels out I guess all of the features, or at least the ones that use the so called dashboard menu with green checkmark and red x-mark.

It also works to cancel a sketch command (for instance line) on the first press, and cancel the whole sketch on the second press of the Esc key. Ouch....

Also it works to cancel any changes made in IDD. There is no history tree that would get stored so one hit of an Esc key can be pretty devastating there.

Imagine getting a pretty trashed model, and having to spend like 2 hours in IDD to fix it. On the top of that there is a high probability that you could be a multi-CAD user, using CADs where the Esc key works to cancel just the active command within that particular mode, and not the whole feature.

The command can be then repeated with RMB if that happens so it's np to keep jumping on Esc key just so you can quickly access other commands. Now you tend to hit Esc alot while not thinking much about it. That all means, while in Creo, you may just have do the work in IDD repeatedly.

Would it be possible to make the Esc work such that pressing it does not result as a loss of a work?

I know how to disable Esc key just for Creo, and leave it functioning for other apps, but think about all the other users, that have experience with another CAD, how long it takes till they figure out or get used to it? So much wasted time there.

About the Deselect feature:

This command is not in the ribbon, but can be added to it, or mapkey can be made. It does not work in sketcher and in IDD as well. In IDD it would be pretty handy if it would work, since the whole imported feature tends to get highlighted alot of times, and to deselect it one has to zoom out to find a free space to click onto.

Deselect works for drawing views, which is pretty good. I'm just mentioning that, cause I'm worried it could stop working all of the sudden in one of the future releases.

In the last three months I've had to use WF4, and I have to say there are some functions that have been lost, and are no longer available in Creo 2. Which seems way too strange.

You know if PTC at least said, hey we are redoing the whole thing, and we start with adding a ribbon, all the functionalities that have been lost will be added back later on, cause we know you want for example a custom menu on the side, but this new menu system is something totally new that we can build up on, the old stuff was just a bunch of spaghetti code... ... ... but they have no words at all for all of this mess. Sorry, I just had to type it out.

Moving on...

About Ctrl+A

It's supposted to work only to activate the currently selected window. Sometimes when only one window is opened, and Creo just hangs, so for example assembly components can't be selected, Ctrl+A gets pretty handy then. It can put you back into the game without having to kill the xtop.exe process.

It also works to reset selection filter back to the default (Smart, General, etc.)

The trouble with Ctrl+A is again that it also cancels the currently defined feature, and also without any warning, which can again result as a loss of work.

It would be really nice if someone at PTC could think about these things for a while, they should not be too hard to fix or make more user friendly.



Re: Enhancement Requests for Creo - January 2014 TC Meetings

Thanks Jakub, I'll add it. I've already made the plea for consistency earlier today!