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Exporting IDF files to ECAD software


Exporting IDF files to ECAD software

Someone suggested that I post this question here. Since it seems that I'm the first one to use this exploder, I hope someone else is also subscribed to this. Here is the question:

I'm using WF 2003490, and I want to be able to export IDF files to another ECAD package that I'm using. The issue is that when I export and assembly of the PCB that I'm modeling, WF doesn't generate a component library (.emp) file for the components that are on the board. I've been told by PTC support that you need to generate a component file from each individual component. This is fine if you have only a few components on a board, but that's rarely the case, usually there are thousands. I know from importing IDF files into Pro/E that you have one .emn file for the board profile with component placement positions defined, and one .emp file for the component library. Both are read in simultaneously and you get a complete assembly with all the components placed as you would expect. I don't know if there are any IDF file users out there, but if there are could you please help me figure this out. Is there a way to generate a single component library (.emp) for an PCA so that it can be read into an ECAD package?


Re: Exporting IDF files to ECAD software


We are beginning to use IDF 3.0 quite extensively. I think I can answer
your question.

Basically we take IDF input from our ECAD system as a set of two related
files (EMN and EMP). When we pass information to ECAD (export from ProE)
we sedn only the EMN. However, this EMN has the EMP (library) information
embedded internally.

Here is how I see the process working:

Export from ECAD 2 files --> Import EMN (and EMP if no library exists on
MCAD side - we use file, so the EMP is only needed for
unsupported parts) into ProE --> Result is one assembly in ProE.

Now reverse the process...

Export the assembly (same as created above) from ProE to IDF 3.0 -->
Result is one EMN file with EMP information embedded. Import into ECAD

We have been working on this process for over one year. Results have been
slow, but it is now working for us and saves an incredible amount of time.
The hardest part was making the decision to do one-to-one support of
every electrical component (we actually do many R's and C's as family
tables to cut down the individual support). Like almost everything in
ProE, the setup is 70% of the battle - once you are set up, it runs pretty
darn slick.