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Creo is not might like Solid be it....

I have been using Pro/E for 7 years .....and still learn many new things in Pro/E.....that's the power of Pro/E..

Pro/E brought in parametric...modelling...and then everyone one the other's were ineffcient.

I am sure you have to learn many more things in Pro/E.....

User interface of annoying....i liked it in Pro/E WF4....

ease of use is the best in Solidworks......

Parametric the best way for detailed design...

Concept modelling can be done fast with direct very good there.

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(in response to rohit_rajan)


You are right, you never stop learning.

I find that the way you do things is always constantly changing due to new discoveries.

Creo is powerful, but, oh so clumsy.

For example randomly floating datum points, due to mis-regeneration within family tables.

Hanging onto fail states when you are trying to fix things.

Loss of model connections, crashing the topolgy structure.

Not updating things to the family table control.

Not clearing the temp files between Excel control back to Family table, them clearing the entire table.

The basic logic of adding any change into the table, I feel that you should be free to just let the table regulate itself and you then should be free to change the detail, as in Solid Edge. If you miss an entry into the family table in Creo, every other instance changes, this can lead to an inefficent workflow, and, if not careful, destruction on a massive scale.



I'll correct the thread title first, it should read MOST THINGS WITH CREO ARE ANNOYING

Creo 3.0 M010 user since pro 12 here... Where do I start...

Text edits: the whole text edit thing in drawing mode sucks, get clicky and it crashes

The ribbon: another craptacular piece of forceware, added clicks and reduced ability, great call PTC

F1: if I wanted that hijacked to find a help browser, I would mapkey it, give me back my F1

Quick Access Toolbar: so PTC, put an all encompasing toolbar that's useful, above the stupid ribbons that aren't

QAT 2: its useful until you change modes, then it changes too... huh??

Measure tool: what a flaming disaster, showing the result behind the dialog is so PTC it hurts.. umm beta??

CRTL+Click: worst addition ever, except I don't need it in sketcher to pick two things, so there its rules

Feature Redefine: now right click, find ball and pencil, left click, enjoy cryptic heiroglyphics finding your sketch

Use Edge: seriously how many users lost minutes staring at icons saying "I know its here, but where..."

I know its here but where...: this applies to most the Creo family, thanks for hiding everything, I hate you

My mapkeys: trashed yet again.. but thats ok, most of them don't work because Creo means "hide n seek"

Creo: its just a stupid name, really

That tiny menu always on screen: doesn't this prove ribbon based anything is retarded?

Change window: where is that?

Mapkeys: found after command searching under "commands not in the ribbon" I can't make this stuff up

tab this: new views=layout, create ballons=table, dimensions=annotate, centerlines=sketch.. wow, such fail

All this is off the top of my head, I'm not even going to bother going into the litany of WTF that pro/E 34 now is when you try to navigate part mode, assembly mode, sheet metal or the legacy of old menu's that are hidden away but still running the show. Want proof? put this in your and get back to me...

mapkey mm #MODIFY;#VALUE;

Go ahead, give that a run and tell me what you get. For those that want to cut to the chase, its your old friend the modify menu. Yep, ditched from icon world and not important enough for a spot in ribbon world, its still there if you just so happen to know how to find it. Well there you go, my gift to all who suffer. Yes you may now modify your models just like yesterday.

Of course I could further bark about radial patterns still not working right. 34 version later and you still cannot reliably make a pattern of cuts using a bolt circle. Amazing isn't it. Almost as amazing as the dance you have to perform to change the color of something, or figure out what layer your item is on. Oh wait, I must be in the wrong filter, more clicks... yes... more clicks.. I must need a smart filter that, is, umm, more smarter!!

Of course it's not all hell, it just feels like it. The 3D pdf thing is a nice add, as is the inclusion of mechanism in the base package. Of course, finding those items is almost as big of a joke as quickly getting to use them. Say, when did backup become a part of the world of save as, does anyone at PTC run your software before you release it? It really doesn't look like it, you seem to have taken one of the worlds most useful CAD tools and are purposely driving it into extinction. SW is kicking your butt and personally I hate it but you know what, when the last 10% of my pro/e career dries up like the first ninety, I'll be searching for a cert in that crapware because like it or not, they are the common format now... mostly thanks to you.


Wow, what an awesome post Gary, I couldn't have said it better. Sounds like you're an experienced user from the old days. Me, I started on v15 back in about '95. Yes, the menu's were somewhat cumbersome at first, but only because the software did so much more than the AutoCAD I was using. Then you learned them, made mapkeys, and it was all good. I like when they went to the sketcher intent manager, but they could have implemented that better. I don't want the software to guess the constraint, I'LL specify what I want, when I want. It'd cut down on the sketcher "thinking" every time I put a line in a complicated sketch. Or at least give me the option to EFFECTIVELY turn off the "intelligence" on complicated sketches.

Yeah, I hear you. When I was unemployed for a while, I saw a bunch of SW jobs, and either didn't want them, or they wouldn't consider me because I wasn't current in it (I used it for 6 months, hated it). But, if PTC decides to keep p!$$ing away market share like this, and NOT being agressive about getting Pro/E into colleges, then they're done for. I just hope I can ride that out until then.....


every passing day it is becoming difficult to defend the new versions of pro/e in front of solidworks,inventor users...

the power of pro/e made me a fan of the software....its a great software...some one out there at PTC is hell bent in destroying it.


Agreed Rohit.....


its surprising so many companies have shifted to Creo 2.0......

so then would they again shift to Creo 3.0...or wait for a miracle.


All of these can be avoided with the extensive use of AutoHotkey or AutoIT.

The thing is should it be that way?


Hi Frank,

I'm curious, what didn't you (and others) like about Solidworks? I'm not trying to insult or offend anyone, but I really liked using it and am curious what Creo users dislike about it.

I'll admit, I've only used Creo 2.0 & 3.0 for less than 2 years. I've never used the earlier versions of Pro/E, so I don't know what has changed. I'm certainly not proficent at it. But from my own experience, I've never been able to grow fond of Creo. I think it is horrible. Nothing in it is consistant. Some commands won't even let you cancel out of them. It's like anyone who ever worked for PTC was allowed to do anything they wanted with no oversight.

Accuracy is a nightmare and scrap maker for me. I can have a failed cutout feature due to accuracy, but be able to roll the tree up and put the exact same cutout in successfully. Accuracy causes my features to change or even relocate themselves without failing.

Assembly is miserable to me also. If I put a puzzle together, I can dump all the pieces out in a pile and put it together in any way I choose. In Creo, I have to pull one piece out at a time and it can only be connected to a piece that's already out. Parasolid based software allows the user to mate parts any way they want and be able to see what's mated to them.

Again, I'm not trying to anger or offend anyone. I certainly don't have the experience that most of you do. For what I use it for, I just can't find what I does so much better that makes it worth the daily nuisance of using it's flawed core functions. I use it to create drawings and for math data. Drawings are a second thought for PTC, and nobody I deal with uses Creo, so all that extra effort I have to put into the model just to show on a drawing doesn't get used anyway.


Very well said. I agree 100%.

I used proe in the 90s when it only ran on very high end computers/math processors/graphic processors. For what I was doing, it was the thermonuclear gnat killer, but it was interesting.

Most of my experience is with solidworks and while it has its' quirks, it is vastly more consistent and logical. Like you, I find proe to be incredibly inconsistent, even fractured. Dassault is open to and solicits input from users. Then they incorporate this into the product!

Drawings are a dream even if not compared to proe.

I'm still baffled that the proe community continues to tolerate the downright stinky, toxic behavior of ptc. Just look at all the work arounds! Really? I have to become proficient in a shareware product to use a very expensive cad package?

No doubt y'all are a very creative and intelligent group, but one does wonder sometimes.

After a year using this horrible software, I still don't see what the attraction is. I'm sure it does some wonderful things, but so far, have not found them. Maybe there is a small niche for this crap, but for the rest of the world that needs to produce actual drawings, it's a waste of time and cpu cycles.

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