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Ahhh. Yeah, I don't find the modeling nowhere near as offensive, though there are still things that are a lot less functional than WF4, with few real-world gains. But drawing mode is just appallingly bad. there's no other way to describe it. For drawings, it's bad enough where I'd almost rather use AutoCAD or solidworks.....and that's bad.


You can use Product Ideas to enhance existing functionality as well.


I'd vote up for 90% of those to be fixed.... annoying bugs.

How horrid is for example the measure tool in Creo 2.0.... it's a pain in the....


Idea for HOLE command:

How to make a C'bore hole in Creo currently:

1. Click Hole button

2. Select first handle and move it to first reference

3. Select second handle and move to second reference

4. Click "Create standard hole icon" button

5. Select hole size

6. Click Counter bore button (this is where you should be done clicking)

7. Click Through hole button

8. De-select Thread button

9. Click "Create clearance hole" button

10. Select Shape tap

11. Select Medium fit

12. Click Check mark button

It takes TWELVE clicks for one simple c'bore hole?!?!?

There should be MAX 4 clicks. Select hole icon, select hole size and select hole shape (c'bore, c'sink, plain-default).

If plain hole is selected, you just have to select yes/no for thread (default YES) and depth either in ratio option "THRU, 1D, 2D, 3D" or to type in value for hole and thread depth. I would like to be able to select default value for RATIO option.

If C'bore or C'sink hole is selected, thread option is set to NO and depth is set to THRU. If you wand to change something you have options but this should be default. If you want to have thread in C'bore hole, thread by default should be through.

How often do we use M50X2.5? Or maybe M26x1.5? Make an option to have favorite hole sizes (user's choice) in list (not drop down combo box) and we can select the most used hole sizes very quickly and easy. Like, M3x0.5, M4x0.7, M6x1, M8x1.25, M8x1.0, etc.

Also, about selecting references. Why we shouldn't use CONTROL key on my keyboard? I click on HOLE button, select surface to place the hole and while holding CONTROL key I select two references, and I am done. You can leave handles but this is more natural approach.

All other options can stay as they are so we still have different capabilities and features for holes but at least for the ones we are using every minute we should have something easy and quick.

So, lets say PTC did what I asked.

Here we go again:

How to make a C'bore hole in Creo (not very long in future):

1. Click Hole button

2. CTRL + Reference 1 + Reference 2

3. Select hole size from FAVORITE list

4. Select hole SHAPE

5. Click ACCEPT (Green check mark) or middle mouse button

FIVE clicks for C'bore/C'sink hole!

How to make a regular threaded hole in Creo (not very long in future):

1. Click Hole button

2. CTRL + Reference 1 + Reference 2

3. Select hole size from FAVORITE list (default is threaded hole, 2D depth)

4. Click ACCEPT (Green check mark) or middle mouse button

FOUR clicks for regular threaded hole!

Can it be any easier than this?


That is a huge pain in the ass. I have to hit control for everything I select and if I want to measure to something else I have to either go into the measure ribbon bar and remove the second feature and then select my new object or just start over...


Exactly! What is function of control key if I have to reset the measurements? It should be to connect between two features and if I want to check some other dimensions I start with click on one feature and connect it with control key and click on second feature. And again, middle click to close measurement window.


Choosing a Cad system, is expensive. Its a real pain, to change flawor from one to the other.

After about 13 months of really working with the system, we can now do a model. Set up a new project, print a parts bom, formatted. Export to excel. Ohh year, and have at least a reasonable succes rate, at having creo Update our models.

We have an inventor license in the house, and we always do a ->step->inventor->check volume/mass.

Basicly we( I ) dont trust Creo. We have to many examples, of parts not updating, things falling appart without errors, things not saving. and so on.

Add to this, that the documentation only documents how it should work, not why it doesnt, and my days are spent fighting Creo instead of being creative.

There is, in my support group, a real fealing of "given up". We dont suspect program behavior to get better, we destroy our hands clicking and clicking to work around the crappo in creo. And any time we get to where we want to go, the support says. There, this is how to do it :-). Now in my case, i just have to do this manual click click click monster 500 times more (when there should be an easyer way)

Add to list

20. When working with config files, the changed configs, arent saved to the file they are set in, nor to your personal dir. They are sendt to the current workdir. This means that a user can change someting, and either it will have no effect (because its overwritten from his personal or a change in genneral settings wont be enabled, because they are set in the normal

21. No way of creating read only libraries of std parts (I found one, but it aint pretty)

22. Menumanager comes up, with an "accept", "ok" or "continue" and nothing else. Now i have to go to the faaaar left of my screen, to click.

23. Poooooor integration with windows. Changing from one window to the other, makes windows unresponsive


add these too.

24. when creating symmetric constrain in sketcher,why there is need for center line,it should be select this and this and it's symmetric,same problem for mirror in sketcher.why do we need center line,and that center line won't even be datum,one that's used for mirror and symmetry.

25. I have divided a line in sketcher using a point,why is it not possible to un-divide it.

26.many forms or menus doesn't even give least clue if they are selected by default or user have to input something,feels really dumb to have an epiphany "oh software is asking for input" after 5 mins of starring at it.

27.form menus should have one convenient place for appearing regularly ,not all over the the screen,hiding everything behind when sketcher has to be initiated menus should appear on lower left corner ,why does user have to drag them diagonally across the screen.

28.only function of form menus appearing in sketcher is to cancel the feature altogether,for exiting sketches they are not even required.still they appear in sketcher windows.above sketch tools.

29.relations don't highlight where did they find error,it's like postmortem everything.just one vague statement.

30. set working directory,why is not possible to set the opened directory as working directory,have to travel one level up,find that directory in browser then set it.


Alright guys...

This is one massive gripe post. We've all been here before. We've seen the problems and we can document them. The problem is, writing them here is about as good as writing them on slips of paper, slipping them into empty bottles, and setting them afloat in the ocean hoping PTC eventually gets them.

In other words... this is the wrong way to go about affecting change. Oh sure, it's fun. Certainly it makes you feel better to vent your frustrations but if you really want solutions, you have to go about it another way.

There are two ways to get these issues in front of someone:

  • Use the PTC Product Idea Submission process which is documented HERE
  • Join the PTC User Technical Committees to have access to the product line managers and developers directly.

I am wary about the first option because it involves making sure people vote up your idea. The ideas way down on the list don't get much consideration. You need to garner votes to push your ideas up the list so they get seen. Joining the technical committees is more of a commitment, but it's also the more direct approach.

In just over one month, the PTC/User Technical Committees will meet again in Anaheim directly after the conclusion of the PTC Live Global conference. Most of the committees already solicited ideas for discussions for these meetings. However, just like last time, I'll compile a list of requested enhancements and hand-carry them to as many meetings as I can. I'll do my best to put your requests in front of the people who can enact them. But... you have to put these requests down in a form I can understand... and you may need to give me some examples so I'm not standing in front of PTC looking stupid tossing out problems without being able to demonstrate them.

Please head over to this new thread HERE to submit your enhancement requests and bug fixes. I'll catalog the submissions and take them personally to the PTC User Technical Committee meetings in June. You can also submit your ideas using the PTC Product Idea Submission area of PTC Community. For best results, I'd say do both!




Hi Danilo...

If you look at the very bottom of this thread, you'll see a message directly from Rosemary Astheimer who is the PTC Product Line Manager in charge of the Measurement Tool. Apparently she's offered to discuss one user's problems face to face at the PTC Live Global event in June. See the link below and scroll all the way to the bottom...

If you'll submit your request and perhaps a screenshot or two demonstrating the issue, I'll be glad to go seek out Rosemary and take your concerns directly to her. Submit your requests and screenshots to the thread here: