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Summary: Layouts: showstopper problems


Summary: Layouts: showstopper problems

Thanks to all for the responses. Some good advice.

In the end, I reverted back to an earlier version and that fixed the
problem. Unfortunately, I still have no idea what went wrong, so it might
all go horribly wrong again in the future!
As one respondent suggested, I did discover that the 'good' version was
about 7MB, but the (ostensibly unchanged) 'bad' version was 14MB, so
something made it grow dramatically.

Original Question:
I have a layout that is used to drive a skeleton and hence an assembly,
All was well until recently, when, during a routine check-in of one of the
sub-assemblies, Intralink took it into its head that the layout had changed,
so it had to be checked in as well. To our knowledge, no (intentional)
changes of the layout had been made, but, suffice it to say it was checked
in. Probably a layer status change.
So there we were, with rev/ver A/96, checked in. Everybody updated their
workspaces and all worked just fine.
Then I made a change to a couple of the parameter values and checked in
rev/ver A/97.
Everybody updated their workspaces and Bang! Memory error and crash exit
from Pro/E every time it tries to open the layout.
OK, version 97 is corrupt for some reason, I thought, so I had the admin
delete version 97 and re-did the changes.
Same result.
So I did some digging and playing around. If I have version 96 in my
workspace and I make some changes, save it to my workspace and open it in
Pro/E, I get the crash.
If I have version 95 in my workspace and I make the same changes and open it
in Pro/E, it opens perfectly.

That's good, I thought, so I had the admin force-check-in version 95 as
version 98 (latest). Now, when I have version 98 in my workspace and do the
same changes, I get the same crash!

I am now stumped.

I have gone back to a demonstrably good version, but it is no good after
By the way, I have had a colleague do the same process with the same
results, so I am confident it is not a corrupt workspace sort of problem.
The same results occur if, instead of the parameter changes, I change the
layer status, so it is just a noddy change.

Where do I go from here?

I have the draughtsmen working using version 96, and they are doing fine,
but they will not change the layout. They can't, since I have it locked.

I really need to make these changes to the parameters, though. I will need
to make other changes as the product develops, too.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

WF2, M220, Ilink 3.3, M020


When you fetch out all of the files related to the to the layout at the
different versions
are you getting all of the same files?

A/97 pulls out the same files as A/96 and A/95 pulls out the same files as
Pulling out latest ver pulling out as stored?
There might be a component or sub assembly that is causing the issue
when the layout trys to regenerate all of the assemblies and components.
When what you describe happens it's generaly related to a external
that is failing or component feature that is suspended.

Unfortunately I don't have an immediate answer to your troubles.  But I can
offer one reason a presumably-unchanged layout would be marked as changed;
perhaps this will aid in tracking down your problem.

Let's say I have a layout L declared to a skeleton S.  I use the parameters
A, B, and C of L in the relations for S.  Now say I change S's relations so
that they no longer use parameter C.  THIS CHANGES THE LAYOUT -- THE LAYOUT
just check in the layout any time it's remotely possible that the
parameters' where-used list may have changed.  My first guess is that your
layout's "where used" list has gotten corrupted.  I'm not sure how to fix
it; perhaps you can use all the parameters again, then un-use them (with
regenerations of everything after each change)?

You can view the "Where Used" information via the layout's Parameters dialog
- Show > Where Used, then either select the parameter (in a table or a
dimension) or type in the parameter name.

You'll get an information window like this:

Hope this helps; good luck!

P.S.  If you find yourself needing to redo the layout, I can offer some
tips.  Hopefully it won't come to that.

This looks similar to layout issues we had as well.
Turned out that ProE grew the size of the layout with each save.

Check the size of your layout by making a bakcup to a local folder.
Also check your memory usage when opening the layout.

So in the end we had a layout of almost 100Mb which slowed down ProE
considerably up to the point where ProE just crashed with a memory error.
This could only be solved by recreating the layout.

Attached a document in which I describe for ou users how they can recreate
the layout.

It included a trick with the protrail tool to recreate all parameters from
file (we had hundreds in one layout).