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System Colours - Edit References


System Colours - Edit References

I have been playing about with system colours, but I can't figure out how to
make the changes I want stick.
I use pre-wildfire colours (who doesn't?), but I want to have the references
highlighted in a colour defined by me when I do RMB, Edit References.
Currently, the references highlight in the same colour as datum curves
appear, so it is very hard to spot them, especially if one of them happens
to be a curve.
So I went into system colors and changed references under the geometry tab.
Trouble is, I have to uncheck the  use pre-wildfire scheme before I can
change it.
So I saved the current scheme as a syscol.scl file. OK, now I can load up
the system colours I desire, except: I can't see how to specify the colour
for references in this file.

Pro/e Help was my first port of call, but, as usual, Pro/E Help doesn't

What is the secret? Am I just making heavy weather of it? It has been a long


System Colours - Edit References

Set the config option 'system_colors_file' to the full path to your

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

System Colours - Edit References

Further to my earlier question on this subject, I don't think I made myself
very clear. Sorry.
I know how to get Pro/E to read in a syscol.scl file, I just don't know how
to set the colours in that file to what is basically all pre-wildfire
colours with the exception of the datum references that are highlighted when
I RMB, Edit References. Those, I want to be a vile orange colour (or
anything else that actually stands out instead of blending in with
everything else).
Is there a way to specify that particular colour/menu pick combination? If
so, how?

The help seems to imply that a total of 11 different colours can be defined
in the file, each corresponding to certain types of features, geometry, etc.
I can't seem to correlate any of these to the colour of a reference when it
is highlighted using RMB, Edit references.

Any assistance would be gratefully received, as usual.


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