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WF5 post processing...


WF5 post processing...

I am going thru the migration of WF4 to WF5 and now I am getting into the
Mfg side and saw that the menu manager is gone. Does anybody know the
correct way to post g code out? The way I am stumbling on to this is I
select the operation and right click to play path. After I am in the play
path I select File save the .ncl file. Then I go to Tools>CLdata>Post
process. Is this the correct way? It seems a hassle if this is the case. If
I am getting ready to post out code for a mould plate I will be sitting
waiting for the player to pull up the whole operation on screen then save
and then post it. I am liking the no menu manager look but am stumbling with
the new layout.


Son Nguyen

Great Plains Mfg.

108 W. 2nd Street

Assaria, KS. 67416

785-667-7763 ext. 3477


WF5 post processing...

You can select the edit menu and then scroll down towards the bottom and you will see CL Data. The CL Data will have a fly out menu to output. Once you click output you will see the traditional menu manager come up and you can post out the same way you do in WF4.

I created a custom manufacturing icon to eliminate the edit menu selection and it takes me right to the menu manager.



WF5 post processing...


Post processing is now found under the tools menu at the top of the screen. I
create mapkeys for all those items that used to be on the menus butnow seem to
be hidden.


David Brainsky
Chula Vista, Ca. 91910
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