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pro-e harness issue


pro-e harness issue Problem issue facing
1 Running of wire in both side without tangency net work Making tangency network for the wire running in both side has the below disadvantage
1. Flatten of harness become difficult
2. Wire length short due to tangency net work.
3.wire branch out dimension showing issue .
4.For actual Manufacturing of harness length will become short.
2 converting to iges/Step Unable to convert to iges/step.
1.Pro-e getting crashed
2.Some of the harness after converting only connector visible. No harness.
3 Branching Branching with intermediate gape.
1.Wire getting not routed.
2.Wire getting failed after regenerating.
3.Unable to make bundle.
4.Unable to make harness as per the physical harness branching.
4 wire failure Wire getting failed
1. out of many wire routed one wires fails saying no net work. Start and end point same for all wires.
2. Wire routing does not go up to end point . Stops in between in a spice or break out
3. While auto routing - after few wire route when we try to route the other wire the existing routed wire fails
4.After routing the wires and when we try to bundle wires fails.
5.Routing of 300 plus wire in single short in auto routing become difficult .wires getting failed.
5 Splice splice adding in between the intermediate gape
1.Splice should be a part of single wire.In pro-e we add the splice in net work which make other wires also to pass through the splice which cause wire failer due to bend bend radius
2. We are giving 50mm clearance between the two splice. When we add many splice in a net work wires getting failed.
6 Modification Small modification
1.small modification (adding wires,relocating the connector position)call for change in flatten and drawing which take long time .
This time is not excepted.
7 Regeneration 1.Auto regeneration is not happening we need to regenatre manual after wire routing very time
2. Due to this regenration issue wire are not visible after routing.
3. wire failure and bundle failure comes.
8 Auto routing Designation of component
1.If the model name and part name is same auto designation take place but in harness we use reference number for each component . We are using some component in more than three place . At present we are making manual.How to designated all parts with auto designated.
9 Flatten flatten of harness
Our harness has more than 300 wires. For flatten of harness we use manual flatten method. It taken lot of time for flatten of all wires. Auto pan in pro-e is not helping us to resolve this issue.
10 Drawing Tables for each connector
1.Placing table for each connector is becoming one of time consuming process in pro-e. After placing the individual table we need to releate to model with table for wires to update for each connector table.
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