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FW: Question on profile sequence?


FW: Question on profile sequence?

I had to use a trajectory sequence to machine the part. The profile was not
giving me the CL data I was looking for using Mill Surface. Here is the code
with profile seq., and traj seq.. The only reason I wanted to use the
profile seq. was that on a trajectory seq. if you stepped mill the passes
the approach and exit would only turn on the 1st step and last step.

But thanks to Peter Brown showing me that if I create the lead in and lead
out in the BUILD CUT instead of the CUSTOMIZE then I can get the cl data I
am looking for.

> Z-1.2 F100.
> G41 Y-1.4354 F30. D5
> G3 X7.3635 Y-1.6354 I.2 J0.
> G1 X8.9075
> X8.9631 Y-1.6318
> X8.9689 Y-1.6309
> X9.0131 Y-1.619
> X9.0541 Y-1.5998
> X9.091 Y-1.5739
> X9.123 Y-1.5419
> X9.1489 Y-1.5049
> X9.168 Y-1.4641
> X9.1798 Y-1.4205
> X9.1839 Y-1.3751
> X9.1838 Y-1.3696
> X9.1788 Y-1.3244
> X9.1659 Y-1.2807
> X9.1459 Y-1.2403
> X9.1191 Y-1.2038
> X9.0864 Y-1.1725
> X9.0488 Y-1.1474
> X9.0075 Y-1.1291
> X8.963 Y-1.1181
> X8.9075 Y-1.1146
> X5.9195
> X5.9187
> X5.8733 Y-1.1188
> X5.8299 Y-1.1307
> X5.7893 Y-1.1499
> X5.7527 Y-1.176
> X5.7209 Y-1.2081
> X5.6955 Y-1.2452
> X5.6768 Y-1.286
> X5.6655 Y-1.3296
> X5.662 Y-1.375
> Y-1.3758
> X5.6657 Y-1.4212
> X5.6771 Y-1.4648
> X5.6959 Y-1.5056
> X5.7215 Y-1.5425
> X5.7533 Y-1.5746
> X5.7901 Y-1.6005
> X5.8307 Y-1.6196
> X5.8741 Y-1.6314
> X5.9195 Y-1.6354
> X7.4635
> G3 X7.6635 Y-1.4354 I0. J.2
> G1 G40 Y-1.3854
> G0 Z2.
> G56 X7.5195 Y-1.3146
> Z-1.1
> G1 Z-1.2 F100.
> G41 Y-1.2146 F30. D5
> G3 X7.4195 Y-1.1146 I-.1 J0.
> G1 X5.9195
> G3 X5.662 Y-1.3733 I0. J-.2575
> G1 Y-1.375
> Y-1.3767
> G3 X5.9195 Y-1.6354 I.2575 J-.0012
> G1 X8.9195
> X8.9523 Y-1.6333
> G3 X9.185 Y-1.377 I-.0286 J.2598
> G1 X9.1839
> Y-1.375
> Y-1.373
> G3 X8.9521 Y-1.1178 I-.2602 J-.0035
> G1 X8.9523 Y-1.1167
> X8.9195 Y-1.1146
> X7.4195
> G3 X7.3195 Y-1.2146 I0. J-.1
> G1 G40 Y-1.3146
> G0 Z2.
> G0 G80 G91 G28 Z0 M9
> G90 G53 X-25. Y0
> M30