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Midsurface generation

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Midsurface generation

I'm trying to create a midsurface model from a ribbed part. I
imported the part with the STEP format and it seems to be a good
model. It is really simple but when I try to generate the midsuface
model ("Insert_Midsurface_Auto Detect"), Pro Mechanica gives the
following message "No shell pair have been created or modified".

Are there any settings useful to avoid this kind of problem? Does
anyone know what could be the problem?
The midsurface model generation doesn't work with this model, maybe
some surface let this feature not possible.

Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance to all

Kind regards

RE: Midsurface generation


The auto detect works very well with Pro/E features such as thin
protrusions, shells, ribs, sheet metal, etc. For other features or imports
you need to define manual pairs.



Re: Midsurface generation


Pro/M's midsurface Auto Detect works only with a) Pro/Engineer solid
features that b) carry attribute 'Thin' (or thin solids for that matter).

Since you are importing STEP, you are pretty much stuck with the manual
surface pairing, in other words, you must manually pick pairs of 'top' and
'bottom' surfaces, and Pro/M will create midsurfaces between them.

Pro/M Help that gets installed along with Pro/M software has a chapter on
the above; it's not exactly perfectly written but certainly better than
nothing. It also has some explanation how to deal with surfaces that cannot
be paired (imagine an L-profile with the fillet on the inside only -- the
fillet surface has no pair...).

Good luck,


RE: Midsurface generation

Vito, Andreas,

good STEP models can be converted to Sheetmetal, and then Auto-MidSurface
is working.
But with a ribbed part, you have to define them manually. But be aware,
that the rib surfeces have to be parallel - often I got models where
because of better deforming after moulding they where slightly angled -
then you have no chance.
Sometimes it is simplier (esp. if you want to find "best design"), to
delete all special features, and create them native in ProE...

kind regards -

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RE: Midsurface generation


One trick that probably won't work for your model, but might do for others
in future, is to use the sheetmetal conversion facility. Takes a solid
model and turns it into sheetmetal. Very useful for peope like me who can;t
be bothered to design in thin sheetmetal but knows the basic shape that I
need to enclose.

Then Mechanica knows that the geometry is 'thin' and can auto pair the
surfaces. But for something with ribs, this probably won't work since you
couldn't make it out of sheetmetal

David Reid
Optima Design Services Ltd