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Simplified License in 2001. "Resolved"

Simplified License in 2001. "Resolved"


I know all of you received the message from Mark Fisher on how to correct
this problem. Mark Fisher from PTC actually called me directly to help me
solve this issue. This is the Second Time I received a call directly from
the top brass at PTC to help me solve my issues. I thought it was just me
having a bad dream that we are getting this high level of support from PTC.
It's not. I can honestly say that PTC has really turned the boat around on
it's level of support to the users. I am extremely impressed by the way
things are going with support.

Thanks Mark for the personal touch to a frustrating situation. You must
understand that I wrote my email from a perspective of having a bunch of
users thinking bad things about me because they could no longer use their
surface extensions with ProE. You basically saved my life over here. lol

Seriously. Thank you very much for your support and I for one am extremely
impressed with the support you guys are now giving us users with ProE

Soap Box is officially in the closet now. :-)

Damián Castillo
CAD Administrator
Engineering Project Manager
Hensley Industries

RE: Simplified License in 2001. "Resolved"

Mark Rocks!!!

Frederick W. Burke III
Mechanical Design Engineer
ISE Corporation
7345 Mission Gorge Road, Suite K
San Diego, California 92120
(619) 287-8785 x-151