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Exclusion of IM Project & Dynamic groups from Admin Staging Set up.

Exclusion of IM Project & Dynamic groups from Admin Staging Set up.

Till the present release of Integrity 11.2, in an Admin staging set up,

     i. Creation & update of IM Project (Workflow & Documents Project),

     ii. Update of existing Dynamic Group

is not possible directly at the Production Server.


Users need to request administrator to create the IM Project and set its dynamic group membership at the staging server and then push / promote those changes to Production Server using Admin Migration Wizard.

This is required to be done everytime for each and every small changes in Project / Dynamic Group.


I believe creation / update of Project & editing of existing dynamic group membership is a end user activity rather than an administrative tasks.
It does not change the Integrity Object model but rather it only defines the user access to the new Projects.


So, my idea / request is to EXCLUDE the IM Project and Dynamic group functions out of Admin Staging promotion list.


Even in context of Windchill, it is just like creating a Project / Product container and then setting up a team of that Project / Product container and that is clearly separated from administrative tasks.


Having worked with multiple customers, I sensed this as a pain point with almost everyone them who uses Admin Staging set up.


Thanks for bringing this point to the attention of all.

Yes, i agree with your idea of excluding IM projects and dynamic group from staginging setup. As we do understand that every now and then, customers need to create projects and want the dynamic group to be updated subsequently. asking for this purpose to the administrator, just doesnt make sense, even when users have been given admin training.

Just an Idea:  Until 10.9 (at least) we had the following settings for Integrity Stage Servers available:


im setproperty --hostname=<PROD> --user=admin --value=true
im setproperty --hostname=<PROD> --user=admin --value=true
im setproperty --hostname=<PROD> --user=admin --value=true

(You have to restart the prod server after applying these)


Did you try them and can you say that none of them is working anymore?



Regular Member

Hi Volker,


Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, it does not works on 11.1 version presently. Are you aware of any upcoming planned support for these properties in 11.1?

Hi Neeraj,

right now I am working for a project in the Volkswagen Group and they are still on 10.9, where this feature is still working. We have 3 environments in a stage chain, and on PROD we have enabled these settings above, allowing the project managers to create new (sub)projects directly on PROD server.

We have no specific plans yet to upgrade, because the amount of new functionality in Release 11 is not high enought as argument.

I would immediately raise a support case if we would plan to upgrade.

The same I would suggest for you. Contact support, state the business case clearly and let them know that this functionality has to be brought back asap.

I am not aware of any issue with the 3 settings, they are working perfectly and exactly like the business process for my customer is implemented.

We already plan to automate this process by having a (Sub)Project Request item configured. Then, and especially then, we need these properties alive.

If you have created a support case, please send me the case number, that I can check it and eventually follow up as well.

Again, its not yet critical for us here, but it could become when my customer starts with the upgrade planning.


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Hi Volker,


Yes, you are right, I had raised this Idea and PTC case together.

However, I was pointed back to raise a new idea again for PTC TS.


The Case Number to that case is 13911467. 

Below is the link to that Case:


Appreciate any help to push this idea / Case.


PS: In the case I have not requested to bring in the support for the 3 properties in 11.1 but rather requested to make it a permanent feature of Integrity as to me it absolutely doe snot make any sense to keep Project and dynamic group locked under Admin staging chain.





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Only the property is SUPPORTED by PTC. The other two properties, while they work for now, are NOT SUPPORTED by PTC. Which means that for regulated customers, they cannot use the properties if their system has to be validated (i.e. Medical Device companies), as you cannot validate functionality that is not supported by the vendor. That is why I posted as an idea in the community. While the product management team at LiveWorx18 said they would consider the idea for the ILM 12.0 release, there is no mention of support for the Project or Dynamic Group properties in the release notes of ILM 12.0, and neither property is visible within the Admin GUI until it is manually set using the CLI. As far as my customers are concerned, this is NOT a solved problem.
Status changed to: Under Consideration
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