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8.4 Edge Highlights


8.4 Edge Highlights

Euromap 63 Driver
-Injection molding machines are generally unconnected
-First out of the box connectivity in this market: was quickly followed by a Softing Euromap 63 driver
-Provides personas across the enterprise visibility into IMM production

-File based protocol
-KEPServerEX access to a shared folder is required:

  • read/write/edit/delete permissions are necessary
  • can be a mapped drive

-Timing is not well defined in specification:
-File locking race conditions are possible
-Driver designed to minimize issues
-Manufacturers have implemented specification in different ways

  • Testing has indicated significant variances
  • Driver has relaxed parsing rules
  • Allows for vendor inconsistency

Fanuc Focas Ethernet Driver
Fanuc Focas Ethernet:
-Driver to connect to Fanuc CNC Controllers
-Fanuc controls ~80% of the CNC market (Siemens, Mazak, Okuma, Haas and Hedenhain control remainder)

-ThingWorx has connectivity to all except Heidenhain
-Prior to 8.4, ThingWorx could access summary information:

  • Machine status
  • Alarm status

-K737 Library support

-K738 Library was recently discontinued

With 8.4, ThingWorx has access to 100s of parameters
- cnc_rdparam provides access to additional NC data such as:

  • Axis position information
  • Spindle speed
  • Etc

Parameter access is model specific
-Users must read controller model manual to indentify which parameters are available
-Addressing scheme is numeric
cnc_rdparam.0 - cnc_rdparam.37267

Enables custom connectivity applications with SCM:
-Content update
-Configuration updates
-Firmware upgrade
Developers can now build SCM directly into their applications
Security features built in:
-Digital signing
-Script whitelist
.NET SDK and Reboot support coming soon


When EMS does not need to be installed for SCM, does this mean that any custom Agent can be developed now to push software updates remotely to the devices/machines?
-It means that any application can be built using the C-SDK in order to push software updates


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