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About ThingWorx Asset Advisor for Service

22-Sapphire III

About ThingWorx Asset Advisor for Service

Insight into Performance

Ensure asset availability by managing asset condition

  • Identify potential equipment failure through rule-based alerts
    • Faster notification providing more time to respond
    • Access to real-time performance data enables time-sensitive decision making
    • Review performance history of equipment to improve troubleshooting
  • Key indicators/signals of future failures
    • View asset information and sensor history to understand context of alert
    • View multiple sensor data and trends to understand any correlations across sensors

    Diagnose and Understand

    Accelerate diagnostic processes to understand the root cause of issues more quickly prior to the customer reporting the issue

    • Improve interactive diagnostics processes by incorporating connected machine data
      • View detailed sensor information for speedy issue identification
    • Automate service issue notifications
      • Machine created events to alert of potential problems
      • Notifications to service technicians or service dispatch systems about potential problems

    Resolve Service Issues

    Increase equipment uptime by remotely resolving equipment issues before they occur to improve customer retention and reduce service cost

    • Leverage remote access to connected equipment
      • Dashboard to view alerts and summary across all customers and assets
      • Identify common issues across multiple assets
      • Prevent unnecessary onsite service visits with remote service capabilities
      • Capture logs and diagnostic information for speedy issue resolution
      • Remote access equipment to perform diagnostics and resolve issues through configuration changes
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