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ThingWorx 8.1 Available for Download


ThingWorx 8.1 Available for Download

Key Functional Highlights

ThingWorx 8.1 covers the following areas of the product portfolio: ThingWorx Analytics, ThingWorx Utilities and ThingWorx Foundation which includes Core, Connection Server and Edge capabilities.

Highlights of the release include:

ThingWorx Foundation

  • Next Generation Composer:
    • Embedded Mashup Builder enables codeless development of web visualization.
    • New ability to manage and push configurations for KEPServerEX
  • Notifications:
    • Create SMS and Email notifications natively in Next Generation Composer
    • Support for localized and dynamic content with tokens
  • Protocol Adapter Toolkit:
    • Encrypted communication between edge devices and the Connector over HTTPS or WSS.
    • Encrypted communication between the Connector and ThingWorx Core (WSS).
    • Ability to define a mapping of outbound messages from ThingWorx Core using a Codec to an edge-bound message.
    • Authentication of edge devices
  • 3rd Party Platform Connectivity:
    • Azure IoT Connector v2.0
      • § Model data from Azure IoT using the Thing Model
      • § Utilize data from Azure IoT as properties in the Thing Model
      • § Utilize services and events through Azure IoT
      • § Utilize Azure file storage
    • ThingWorx for Predix v1.0
      • § Synchronize data from Predix to ThingWorx
      • § Enable SSO between Predix & ThingWorx
  • C SDK:
    • Framework for custom functionality to be added to C SDK-based applications at runtime
  • License Management: Simple, automated, licensing system for collection, storage, reporting, management and auditing of licensing entitlements.
  • Deprecated the SQUEAL functionality

ThingWorx Analytics

  • Categorical and Ordinal Goals: Adds use of unordered text (categorical) and ordered text (ordinal) goals to predictive analytics.  Create and score models with the new goal types.
  • Virtual Sensor: Adds support for time-series predictions when historical data is not available.  Allows machine learning predictions to take the place of physical sensors and simplifies predictions like time to failure and probability of failure.
  • Tighter platform integration: Analytics Server is more tightly integrated with ThingWorx Core, providing native control and access to analytics programming interfaces.
  • New, simplified API: The new Analytics Server 2.0 API pattern is simpler, more modern, and easier to use.
  • Microservices-based Architecture: Conversion to microservices sets the stage for High Availability and improved distributed installations.
  • Native Linux installer: Docker is no longer required to run on Linux-based systems.
  • Analytics Manager: Several enhancements, including:
    • Simulation-driven data framework allows external providers to send data as if they were a physical Thing.
    • Time Series Data Inputs improves the ability to share time series data with external providers.
    • Thing Connect / Disconnect makes it easier to connect specific Things with external providers.
  • Analytics Builder: Ease of use enhancements including:
    • New UI support for time series models.
    • Easier access to / use of Signals and Profiles.
    • Simplified models for Boolean goals.
    • Easier installation, no longer requires UploadThing.

ThingWorx Utilities

  • Software Content Management (SCM): Define package dependencies where the deployment of a package requires the presence of one or more other packages.

ThingWorx Trial Edition

ThingWorx Trial Edition will be available to internal PTC resources at launch and will be made available externally on the Developer Portal shortly after launch.

  • Developer Enablement: Enhancements have been made to the Trial Edition installation tool, providing a native installation process of the ThingWorx platform including:
    • ThingWorx Foundation
    • ThingWorx Utilities
    • ThingWorx Analytics
    • ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity


Additional information


The following items are available for download from the PTC Software Download site.