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Customer Support


Customer Support


Just wondering if anyone is getting reasonable support from PTC on
manufacturing issues lately. It seems to be that knowledgeable support
is non-existent lately (since moving support to India?). On G-Post
issues, I've found this mail exploder is the way to go with Fred from
AustinNC always willing to help. Core Pro/NC stuff just seems to have
no support at all. I set a call from somebody I can barely understand
who reads back the description of the problem and declares it solved.

Just wondering,

John H. Durrant
ATK Thiokol Propulsion
Pro/E Wildfire
(435) 863-6135

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We dropped maintenance about 4-5 years back mainly because of this issue. This was even before they moved to India. I would call, explain my problem, teach the tech how to actually replicate what I was doing, then wait a few days for a reply. By then, I'd already figured out how to do it. It definitely wasn't worth the money.

I'm using v2001 and would love to use Wildfire, I just can't justify the money. In my opinion, their needs to be a smaller fee we can pay just to 'upgrade' and get new builds for a product that didn't work correctly in the first place.


I have created literally hundreds of SPRs in the past 3 years of using
Pro/NC. I've learned that if you cannot reliably reproduce it, then neither
will PTC. The best approach is to:

1) Determine how to reproduce the problem
2) Do a File>Backup of the .mfg file to disk and zip it.
3) Open a call on the Pro/CALL Logger and document the sequence of events
and tell them in which sequence the problem is occurring.
4) Upload the Zip file with the call.

I think that the key is giving them the actual data with which you are
experiencing trouble and an example sequence exhibiting the problem - if a
picture's worth a thousand words, a sequence must be worth 100,000.

When tech support contacts you, they've already looked at the issue and
generally understand what is happening, though sometimes they want to
clarify a few things. I have yet to receive a call-back from India on an
NC-related problem (I'm the 'one person' experiencing good support). I
generally receive an SPR within a day or two and most are resolved within 3
or 4 datecodes, though high-priority ones get fixed much faster. For
example, I was able to get tools of type THREAD_MILL to be able to be
selected for a trajectory sequence in the very next datecode (it wouldn't
allow them, and you have to in order to thread mill a pipe thread). Some
GUI issues can be difficult to reproduce because I find that perhaps 25% of
the time Intralink is the culprit, and the techs in Needham do not use it,
so they need to send it to the Intralink group and then explain to a PDM guy
how to use Pro/NC.


Peter Brown
NC Programming Manager
Jarvis Products Corporation

I'm not sure if your firms are working with any local Value Added Resellers
but if you are not you may want to consider that. I know that we
(Diversified Design Dynamics) always serve as a first call to support our
customers. In the event that we cannot answer your questions we will log
your support request with PTC for you. We will go as far as contacting the
product managers at PTC to get immediate answers. Also through working with
a V.A.R. many times you can participate in WIN BACK programs that are
extended to firms that have let their maintenance go beyond a reasonable
time. These programs allow you to come back and current for highly
discounted rate. Not all V.A.R.s participate in these programs and
depending on the # of seats and add on modules eligibility and discounts

You should not be experiencing this pain and you should find value in your
maintenance dollar. I highly recommend dealing with a V.A.R. but keep in
mind the V.A.R. must be chosen carefully or you will end up dealing with the
same problems. If any of you guys are located in the mid west and would
like some additional attention you can always contact Diversified Design

Best Regards,

Jeff Davis
Diversified Design Dynamics
513-942-1924 ext.248

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