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Global Design Initiatives / Struggles


Global Design Initiatives / Struggles

We have been struggling with how to handle some of our global manufacturing and design initiatives.

We haved looked at many different avenues and options within the Pro/ENGINEER suite of software, but have not come up with a solution to one of our major problems. PTC's answer is to spend countless dollars and time so their GIS Team can learn our product and implement a Global Modular Design Model to follow. We are not sure this is the best answer.

We will create a global design in an imperial unit system, using inch materials for steel lets say. That global design is then manufactured in two plants, one using imperial materials and the other in metric materials.

We need to define a process for the global facility to make changes and have them propagate to the local manufacturing facility without the need for additional rework. With proper procedure in place, this like hole sizes can be controled, but we have not found a way to control the material issues above.

Upto this point we have design and manufactured in one facility, so it was not an issue. Family Tables with parameters to control language requirements has worked great, but now we need to control specific design requirements that Family Tables cannot control.

I cannot believe we are the only ones faced with an issue like this, so I ask for any thoughts or procedures other may have implemented in their global engineering departments.

I will post a summary when I have compiled the results.

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

Brian Noll
Software Development Engineeer III
York, A Johnson Controls Company

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