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HP v. Dell...


HP v. Dell...

We're in the process of upgrading our departments machines, 10 machines
total. We're currently running Dells, Precision 340's. We've had good luck
with the Dells, save one machine, and we were figuring on going back with
Dells. Our IS department is slowly moving away from Dell, and going towards
HP, not because Dells are bad, but for other reasons that I won't go into
here. They've asked us if we had considered HP hardware, and if we would
get a quote on HP workstations to see how they compare to Dell workstations.
However, I have already ran into some issues when I've tried to get Dell and
HP hardware exactly the same. Of course they don't quite match up, so
comparing apples to apples is not exactly the easiest thing, and I realize

I searched the archives on this subject, and one thing that people mentioned
was that HP is always at the conferences in force, and that is definitely

What experiences have people had with HP and/or Dell hardware, specfically
workstation machines? Good? Bad? Does anyone have any experience that
indicates we would be better off with one over the other? We have had good
luck with our Dells, but they are 4 years old. It's very possible that
things may have changed in the last couple of years.

Any information, good, bad, or ugly is definitely appreciated!!!

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