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Hard Milling & Highspeed Milling with Pro-man


Hard Milling & Highspeed Milling with Pro-man

Fellow Users,

I’m looking for a couple of success stories with Pro-man and Hard-milling and or High-speed Milling.
I have found many of the other CAM software’s are coming up with some great new types of tool paths that improve cutter life and surface finish.

1)Trochoidal Roughing
2)Morphing Toolpaths
3)Variable Step Finishing/ Multi surface steep and shallow
4)Constant Load/ Feed Rate optimizations
5)Corner filleting/ Smoothing from end of one pass to the next
6)3d arc Interpolation approach and exits for all types of tool paths
7)Machining Steep and shallow surfaces with the same tool path step over adjusts
8)Pencil Milling tool Paths for multi surface cutting
9)Rough and Re-roughing tool paths, with automatic leftover stock knowledge.

1)Is anyone currently using Pro-man for Hard-milling and or High-speed machining. If so what tool paths and are you using and what parameters work best inside Pro-Man to get the job done?
2)Does anyone have any experience with some of the software’s listed below?
3)Does anyone agree that PTC should offer more functionality and tool path options in this area?

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