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Hole file equations


Hole file equations

Hi All,

According to Solution Details – TPI-107248 (Customizing Hole file)
“The information in the .hol file is for CLEARANCE holes. Most of the information in the .hol file can be seen on page
1823 of the Machinery's Handbook table #4 "Tap Drills and Clearance Drills for Machine Screws with American National
Thread Form".
NOTE: Some of the information that is displayed in the new hole creation dialog box is not present in the .hol file and this
is due to the fact that it is calculated information. For example: for a 1-64 screw the default diameter is .0595 and the
default countersink dia is 1.25 * dia=.0744 where the multiplier comes from the
DEPTH_RATIO specified in the header information.
The default counterbore diameter is 1.5 *dia=.0892
The default counterbore depth is 0.5 * dia = .0297
The default drill depth is 3 * dia = .1785
The default thread depth is Drill Depth/Depth Ratio”.

Is there any way that I can change the above equations for drill depth?



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