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Ilink duplicate Cabling assembly w/MFG and Drawing


Ilink duplicate Cabling assembly w/MFG and Drawing

Guys hey, I had to duplicate a cabling assembly a few weeks ago and it
was a pain . I'm presented with the same now and I really doing want to do
the same workarounds as before. So, Using intralink what is the best way
to duplicate a manufacturing, drawing and assembly set. either cabling or

Its just that there is a direct relation betwix mfg and drawing and betwix
asm and drawing but there is only a one way relation betwix asm and mfg
so when you duplicate the drawing somehow the new mfg is not pointing to
the new asm. .... I'm sure if you already did this and can help me, can
understan what I'm trying to say here.

on other things I have to agree, a simple finished model doesn't reflect
all that went into it. That doesn't mean PTC did all the work for us. It
means we had to work hard and then reflect the changes on a model/drawing.
Today is friday and when I finish this cookie, I will have forgotten all
about this week and AHHH hell get me out of here... PTS: (PTC ps:) TGIF

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